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Happy Birthday Ozzy!! and the Air Canada Centre, Tor...

Happy Birthday Ozzy!! May you live on and sing forever

I saw Ozzy in Toronto on November 27th. I had the VIP possessed party package,
and was in the 4th row. What an awesome performance, it was so great to see Ozzy
I was out of my mind excited.

My only regret, was not having had the Meet and Greet ticket. Please come back to
Toronto! I sooooo want to meet Ozzy, it would be a moment in time, i'd cherish for life!

Congrats of your nomination for a Grammy too!

Love you Ozzy!!!!!


<a href="http://rejuvbycaci.org">rejuv by caci</a>

Show was nothing short or awesome.
Apparantly, according to Sharon, when
Ozzy and Sharon came to Casa Loma to announce the
release of Scream, she said:

"OzzFest is coming to Toronto"

Hope so, I can't get enough.