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Gus G: New Riffs Written For Ozzy 'More In The Vein ...

An interview with Gus mentions (yes!!!!) that some new riffs are being bandied around for a new Ozzy album. Though he is not sure what the future holds (in 2012)...

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What I really love is how he says he is writing things in honor of early Ozzy. That's where this womans heart is. I can see in his demeanor that he strives for perfection. If he can bring some of the classic stuff in (no pig squeals, ugh), and let his guitar sing? Wow. The world would be listening. There is nothing more difficult to do, yet beautiful to hear. Randy's voice (meaning his guitar when it sang) was just unlike anything before, or since. Gus mentions Yngwie being a big influence. See, that's the difference between what we all heard in Eddie Van Halen and Randy. One was introspective with soft, melodic, beautiful and intricate sounds contrasted with bold, hard rock riffs, the other was along the lines of what Yngwie does shredding. It's a style that's "always on," whereas in Randy's classical style it was an ebb and flow. That was the art. He had vision. I am not impressed with the shredding style of playing. Sure it is technically proficient, but it's not beautiful and stirring, like something from beyond somewhere. It's good, but it is not ethereal.

I am excited about the possibility of Gus G writing material for a next Ozzy album. Gus G seems to be a really down to earth and humble guy, at least up to this point, and the band has become a very tight unit live. There is definately better chemistry between the players which has resulted Ozzy giving his fans longer concerts that are also better in quality (18-20 song setlists have not been a rarity on this tour). Gus' guitar solos on Scream are way better Zakk's solos on Black rain. But it is clear that there are loads of guitarists who can play any guitar solo imaginable live but only small amount of them can come up with their own amazing guitar riffs and guitar solos.

I have also heard that Ozzy is planning more stripped down production style for his next album. A more raw and live sounding album sounds good to me. I have listened to some of Gus' stuff with his band Firewind and while it doesn't sound amazingly good, it is far from being average or poor. In fact I like some of it. What I like the most about Gus is that he has played with so many different kinds of metal bands and seems to be very adaptable to new situations.

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ps.> I like Gus G. Beyond being technically proficient, I think he has something very beautiful in his soul that he can bring to Ozzy's table. Most of us long time fans really love the 'voice' of and 'emotion' evoked hearing the guitar played by a master. Most who have heard him think of the possibilities and feel excited. We've not seen Gus unleashed with Ozzy, perhaps only in shades in Scream. So, a new album would be fantastic, because that is where the proof in the pudding lies. Whether he truly is gifted, and not just proficient. I think he is gifted. Some will doggedly continue to stand reserved until it is shown. So I say, bring it on!

I really really really really really (3 years later) really want to hear what Gus, Wakeman, Clufetos, and Blasko can get down with in the studio.

I really (3 years later, abbrv.) think they are tight, talented, and surely very mature in their respective fields. Let 'er rip Ozzy!

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The question of the hour is whether Gus (and this lineup) can successfully contribute a classic platinum album that suits Ozzy (unlike Down to Earth and Black Rain) with Clufetos, Wakeman, and Blasko. What are they capable of aside of playing the classic tunes as they were written. Any "good" musicians could. There are other guitarists just as fantastic as Gus G out there today. So the gushing and fawning should not be dependant on that being the case. Let's be serious. In the media (unlike amongst fans), has the bar dropped that low? The classics that fans love reflect more then technical proficiency.

Zakk, Blasko, and Bordin were horrible together for a long time onstage. Very sloppy. Both he and Blasko seem to enjoy trappings of success (tipping things back, you know, being "rock stars") more then putting on a world class Ozzy show. Bordin to me was just not a good fit. Not even in the same league as a Castillo. Clufetos, he brings that shine back to the drum kit. He's definitely got some big time talent. Zakk is a great and beloved guitarist (minus the pig squeals) and has contributed many classics Ozzy fans love. The problem many have with him is that he stopped playing as a member of the band and bled the BLS rock star onstage during Ozzy, which was a big, big turnoff. So it was a good move to see him go too and focus on his primary love.

Scream is a fantastic album, really amazing, and tons of fans love it - but the strange thing is - they aren't playing much of it live. One song, that's it. While the Sabbath tune "Into the Void" (on their setlist) is a classic, it's surely not as audience friendly as "Life Won't Wait," "Fearless," or "Digging Me Down."

Blasko really did a spanking job assembling this lineup. He did. Now let's see him and this band stop resting on their laurels and bring the world the next classic Ozzy album.