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A very wonderful interview with Ozzy by Howard. Now, if Ozzy would just think about what Howard is saying. This guy obviously loves you and considers himelf a "friend," you know?

I've also struggled with the dependency issues Ozzy has. Just too many times he says he just does what he does because he's told by Sharon to do it. Or that he was unaware. These things really affect alot of people. He should take a more active role in his career like Howard says. Though, I don't know that Sharon would be able to handle him asserting himself. And it might threaten Tony and her that he was more active in his own life.

Anyways, here's a link to the 4 part radio interview. It's a good one, so listen!!!

<a href="http://www.hennemusic.com/2010/12/ozzy-osbourne-on-howard-stern.html">hennemusic: Hear Ozzy Osbourne on Howard Stern - SleazeRoxx ( http://www.hennemusic.com/2010/12/ozzy-osbourne-on-howard-stern.html ) </a>


I really hope that the steps that Ozz has been taking to be more independant are not turned around by his minor bump with the attorney.

In the immortal words of William Wallace "freedom!!!!!!!!!!"

Part 1...Ozzy talking about having a gun and Sharon tip-toeing around putting her at risk. Heeee!!! Pretty funny. He's such a goof-ball.

Part 2 @ 3:59, Ozzy talks about Aimee and her voice, in admiration. I want to hear her sing! This is the second time Ozzy has said something about this...

Part 2 @ 9:21, lol. Howard teases Ozzy about "spending the night at Elton's house." to which Ozzy responds "well, never alone..." ha ha ha!!! pretty funny.

Part 3 (end) and Part 4: Ozzy discusses being @ the Rally for Peace not because he wanted to be there...but because Sharon booked him there. And, that he wasn't happy with it. Wow, now that makes me feel a ton better! No politics please!!! and...sooooooooo many women in love with this man. sometimes (like Howard Stern hints) i think Ozzy's completely unaware any more of how sexy so many of us find him. drooling over his pictures, finding them here and there, sharing them with each other, dreaming up a storm. ha! :oP none of us germ filled whores, but rather beautiful, wholesome, definitely un-germy women. ha. Sharon's AIDS scare with his doctor definitely worked to get him paranoid, and maybe afraid of women altogether. what's up with that?

Overall a funny and great interview. Howard loves Ozzz, you can tell, and treats him with respect as a good friend. Right on!

He's learned to be behind the wheel at 60. Why not learn to be behind the wheel of his own life too?