Crowd Sings Happy Birthday to Ozzy - IZOD Center, NJ show Dec 3, 2010 with Shot in the Dark performance | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Crowd Sings Happy Birthday to Ozzy - IZOD Center, NJ...

Now, how cool is that? Wish I was there! Especially to give the Prince a pinch to grow an inch - (eyebrows going up and down)... ♥ wicked woman ♥ i wanna give him a spankin' ~*

♫ Happy Birthday to you (spank, spank)...Happy Birthday to you (pinch-yummay!)...Happy Birthday dearest Ozzy king of my heart (spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank), Happy Birthday to you (woot!)♫

Here's video the crowd <a href=""></a>

Replies, not that you'll be here to answer, but on the off chance you come back to read this, did you all moon Ozzy?

I was there and it was AWESOME!

I was there and it was AWESOME!

sooooooooo many women in love with this man. sometimes (like Howard Stern hints) i think he's completely unaware any more of how sexy so many of us find him. drooling over his pictures, finding them here and there, sharing them with each other, dreaming up a storm. ha! :oP none of us germ filled whores, but rather beautiful, wholesome, definitely un-germy women. ha. Sharon's AIDS scare with his doctor definitely worked to get him paranoid, and maybe afraid of women altogether. what's up with that?


Anyway, glad to see the crowd was enthusiastic. I wonder, did they end up (on the count of three as the picture said) mooning him? that wasn't caught on film so my guess is, no. :o(.

I would have told everyone to ask him to moon >>them<< (and then let some of the women up onstage to give him his birthday spanking!

WOOT!!!!!!!! :o).