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Ear Pain

Okay Thanks OZZY for that blast from your foam gun..... I was in the second row and totally soaked and after the concert wait for a taxi in -4c for half an hour now I have water in the ear and f***ing dizzy spells... Just a little note for nezt concert make sure it's not in the f***ING COLD with that foam gun... I still love you and the night I had is still totally worth the pain. CHEERS!!!!


not to put this back as a thought, but we all know that Ozzy is going to blast the crowd with his foam. so...if it was that cold, why would you have wanted to be right in the area he always nails?

;o* I know, to see the show. But with every pleasure there is a price. ha ha!!!

awesome that you had a great time. i'm psyched to see him 2x coming up here at the end of Jan/1st of Feb