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The Who? The Stones? Led Zepplin? All are great bands. But who else has been as relevant for so long! Ozzy is at his best with SCREAM. Ozzy is the greatest heavy metal artist of all time! And argueably the greatest rocker of all time. True to his roots and putting out his best music ever! You introduced us to our minds! We thank you from the bottom of our metal hearts! The grammy is yours!


I think the point BLOZ was making was, "who is still writing
relevant material and still touring for as long as Ozzy has".
Very simple question, that I erred in responding to discuss the Beatles.

BLOZ is bang on !!

Ozzy has been has been writing and touring for 6 decades.
For that, my friend, I'll bow to Ozzy at his feet any day of the week.

No disprespect intended to other legendary bands, but BLOZ is bank on !!


it is difficult for musicians to bridge the age gap. to remain relevant to a young generation. Roger Waters has but then he's not put out anything relevant solo for a long time. many musicians have self destructed, losing their edge instrumentally and vocally. some just partied too hard. you can see it in their faces. Metallica has been around for awhile, and they are just as relevant today as they were twenty years ago. but, that is not nearly as long as Sabbath has been around nor Ozzy. Sabbath COULD be that band, but that is only if Iommi and Butler and Ward and Osbourne decide to get off their duffs and bring it to us hard and relevant. Now that Ozzy's sober, it could be spectacular. Beyond that. Solo, Ozzy has done that.

Elvis had fans for as long, it's just he died. People still love and cherish his music today though.

Nazareth is still out there performing, but the lead singer is a bit raspy vocally. Motley Crue is a joke performance, I would say the singer should dump the band and go for something solo more befitting his talent. Together they are horrid, a pale shadow living on old glory.

Slash has been around for a long time.

And let us not forget Judas Priest / Rob Halford. He's been around not quite as long as Ozzy but closer then these others.

I would not make fun of Robert Plant, the man is a legend and what he brought to us has always been amazing. Just because he is not mainstream (neither is Paul McCartney) does not mean that his career is not valid or important or meaningful.

Again, it's difficult to remain mainstream. As musicians age, they face the same barriers many face in other ways in life, that's all.

It is not something to say the world should bow at the feet of, but rather that other musicians were not as fortunate to say the same for. Ozzy himself would not say this kind of thing, it's beneath us as his fans to say such. That belittles the incredible talent of the numerous musicians that have brought us so much that we love over the past 45 years in rock n roll.

Hugs. ~Blades

Bang on dude!

Agreed! The Beatles do stand alone! They happen to be the reason Ozzy got into rock and roll. But I can't think of another artist that has remained relevant, active and true to their roots as Ozzy. He hasn't caved to the changes in music over the years. Where are all the other great artists? Mick Jagger? Robert Daltry? Robert Plant? Guns N Roses? Ozzy is KING and they should all kiss his ass and then ask him how he does it. Their all great...but where are they? Where is the new stuff?

Oooops, sorry, I can think of one band, through the passage of
time has remained relevant, although no longer performing.
That band is the Beatles. More specifically, John Lennon.
RIP John Lennon.
Sad anniversary.