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Where were you?

Do you remember where you were when John Lennon was shot
30 years ago?

I do.

I was young, my dad, my brother and I had just returned from dinner at
We got home, and my dad noticed our house had been broken into.
My brother and I were told to go to the basement.
We did. We turned on the TV and, and minutes after we turned on the
TV, the news broke the announcment that John Lennon had been shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was young, but I knew who John Lennon was.

I ran upstairs screaming to my dad: "Dad, Dad, John Lennon was just shot!!"

He yelled at me to go back to the basement. (He was not a Beatles fan).

I remember it like it was 5 minutes ago.

Do you remember where were you when John Lennon was shot?


It's who you are. Some do, some don't.

Yeah cause I don't have much to say lol!

Asylum is always short on response.

You were hostile sweet, you jumped all over me with your post. And you're doing it again.

Oh, and just one more thing Madam darkblade,
again going back to my original post, and your first
response stating Lennon was just a sex craved druggie.
All a charade, as you later went on to blab.

I have one thing to say to you Madam darkblade:

"All we are saaaaaaying, is give peace a chaaaance!"

hoooooooooooo ....... kaaaaaaaaaaah!

ahhh, yeah man, now i get it.

R.I.P. John Lennon and thank you for inspiring John Michael Osbourne
to become Ozzy Osbourne.

verbal vomit? LOL

Let's go back to my original post.
I asked a very simple question.
Do you remember where you were when John Lennon was shot?

Very simple question.

Asylum's response was perfect. crystal clear and to the point.

The verbal vomit commenced when, you, went beyond the question, to spew out your
1000 word lecture.

Madam darkblade, even the wisest of the wise learn something new everyday.

In case you didn't know or forgot,
The Best Answer to a Question Unasked is : SILENCE!

In your original response, you went well beyond the very simple question
that was asked. Far beyond.

wow. thanks for that verbal vomit. did it make you feel better? please. don't hold anything back now.

sounds like you're projecting a bit too much here, but who am i a psychotherapist?

Once again my apologies to darkblade.

Relevance of John Lennon to Ozzy Osbourne,
Ozzy's favoutite band is The Beatles.

Relevance to plumbers,
Ozzy said if he hadnt' got into music he would have been a plumber.

Relevance of my father,
Ozzy saved me from my father's evil.

So darkblade,
you may have your own terms of relevance to Ozzy and off topic discussions,
but you ain't in control of my Mental Matrix I live in.
And Ozzy helps guide me through the labryth you, and everyone else creates.

I simply paid homage to one of Ozzy's heroes, and it turned you into a witch,
as you describe yourself.

Sorry, darkblade, no offence intended, you spoke your mind, now I'm speaking mine.

And re your other posts, for heaven's sake, I listed my top three favourite bands
that I had in common with you. And that, offended you or your age?
Once again, I'm sorry.

I actually have a top 20 if you want to get into it, and yes,
The Who, The Police, Led Zeppelin etc, are all great bands.
I am a Rocker, and Ozzy Osbourne is my favourite.

Ok, does this satisfy being an on topic discussion Madam Darkblade?

everything here is relevant to Ozzy and his genre.


P.S. Try and relax a little. I am here to have fun, not argue with
opinionated people who feel they have more powerful views than everyone else.
We all have our own opinions and reasons for having them.

This post, I was sharing my feelings re: Ozzy and the memory of one of
Ozzy's heroes.

Be Well darkblade.

and Jonny? this post should really be in "Off Topic," it's really not an Ozzy thread. LOL.

figured since i was being w!tchy i might as well let 'er rip.

I'm a bit more lovely then just anyone could have my dear. Particularly some grody man just because he's a plumber. i can't even fathom where the tie is in mentioning that, but ok. I was speaking in particular about Ozzy. only, and very particularly, about Ozzy. Ozzy is my king.

and, with regards to the Wall, I would have loved to see it. I could not afford the tickets. by the time i got paid and was able to buy a seat, the least expensive was well over $200. I had already committed to Ozzfest, that just was too much. i read on his site everyones happiness at seeing the show, and avidly watch the Youtube video of course. much as i do with the VIP guests meeting Ozzy, you know? one can only dream...

it is not unusual given the evolution of rock that you would enjoy two of the bigger acts of the early years of rock n roll. i'm sure if we sat and talked you would also mention Nazareth, Zeppelin, Floyd, the Doors, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Who as important bands in your life. it's an age thing, don't you think?

Whoa, whoa, whoa there, nobody said anything about anyone except for a man named John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne. Let's not leap to strange connections with my words, thanks. Ugh.

That's cool. My dad was a plumber. lol.
Um, you wouldn't want him fixing yer pipes, believe me. lol

Anyhew, FYI darkblade,

Ozzy/Sabbath, The Beatles and Pink Floyd/Roger Waters
are my top 3 too. :-) cool eh?

Did you or are you gonna catch "The Wall" that Roger Waters is touring
right now? I saw the concert just this past September 2010. It was awesome to finally see it LIVE !!!!
Nothing we have seen in videos, movies etc., compares to seeing it LIVE.

Aparantly the deal is that Gilmour has to be included in 1 (one) tour date.

I haven't checked in on "The Wall" tour updates lately, but last I heard
it was a mystery as to which tour date Gilmour would be involved with.


ha ha!!!! well, i would have hired him to fix my pipes, clean out the clog, and bend over so I could see his butt from time to time. damn. that would have been luvly. :o). just kidding!!!

yea. i enjoyed the beatles in their day, much more as a group then anything any of them did solo. for their influence on Ozzy, that's awesome. in my day, he was that influence on me. Ozzy and Roger Waters/Floyd.

I noticed the average reply to a post is 3.
So I thought I make 4 on this one just for fun. lol.
I think we can all agree on one thing:

Long Live the Memories.

If it weren't for The Beatles, Ozzy may have become a plumber.
Thank Mother Nature for The Beatles!

Cheers all!

Yes, sorry, I was all caught up about John Lennon.
I can see your view on Paul McCartney. Still going. Still Relevant.

No. I was not a big fan of John Lennon or any of the others in the band at that time. I do recall that they said he had been shot, and feeling horrified that such a thing could have happened. All I recall about that time is that Yoko Ono was very weird, and to me so was Lennon during his marriage to her. I did not dislike his music, but it never connected to me. He was too out there. He came across to me as a big druggie saying "peace," when it was all about being stoned for some reason. My sisters class on graduation had his song Imagine as their theme song. I thought it was kind of a big charade myself. He just didn't strike me as a very deep person. Just as a druggie acting out sexually and metaphysically as if he were deep. I know many drug addicts and alcoholics who think they are Ghandi or Jesus when they are high. Not to be rude, but just to say what is on my mind honestly about John Lennon. I really liked the Beatles, and had more connection to Paul McCartney's music myself.

I wasn't born yet, but my dad says he was in the military playing Dungeons and Dragons lol!