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Monster Codes

I have 9 extra Monster codes PM me!


If you have an extra code left I'd really appreciate it. My e-mail is
Thanks, Josh

I cant figure out how to PM you...Im not sure it's possible on this forum?

Hey I really need one code, or two if possible. I preordered Ozzy's CD and I got screwed cause I didnt reserve them soon enough. Lemme know. Thanks!

PS: My email address is if you wanna talk to me that way...

hello Rabid Dog im looking for a code you can email me so we can discuss this at thanks look foward to hearing from you soon

I'm also looking for a code for a friend who wants to take her 15 year old son to see ozzy. so if you still have one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. my email is if you need it.

Hi i would love a monster code please I am trying to get to the white river amp. Thaank you so much. Hope you still have one. Vicki Hope I hear from you :)