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Greatest Instrumentalists

Guitar: A7X's Synyster Gates
Bass: Metallica's Cliff Burton
Drums: Tool's Danny Carey
Vocals: either Dio or Tool's Maynard James Keenan
Vocals (age wise): Jackie Evancho
Harmonica: John Popper
3:35, 6:25

Who do you think is the best?


Please stop this harassment on the threads. Your posts are clearly intentionally antagonistic Johnny. I don't know what your issue is. Pitting yourself against me isn't very cool.

I am going to report this to the site administrator. I think it's best we cut to the chase and stop an issue long before it grows where you're trying to get it to.

Hi Asylum, I actually enjoy participating in posts like this.
Can you add best pianist. That would be a tough one for me.

To Madam darkblade,
once again you have taken things well beyond the question asked.
I don't think any part of Asylum's question was ...and give me a 1000 word essay
or lecture explaining why.

again Madam darkblade,

The Best Answer To A Question UnAsked is: SILENCE!

I'm razzing you a bit Asylum. ;oP The more years and more artists that I listen to, the impossibility of saying who is 'best' just has become so transparent. To me it's like someone asking which Ozzy song has the most meaning for you. I can't name that song. Each one that I've loved has had some meaning to me. There are at least 34 songs that have all become 'my favorites' lol. Myspace is a great place to discover music, and musicians, from all over the world, in every genre that there is. Nothing compares. It's the only place you can hear a small town band from Alabama and a big club act from Paris within a click of each other. And you can buy songs from either so long as they have a player. That, to me, is the future of Rock n Roll.~*

Well, these are just the best in my opinion that I've heard so far. I'm sure they'll probably change.

i think that is the beauty of music. each and every day if you remain open to it there is something new to hear and amazing to fall in love with and wonder at.

there is something about music that touches something in a dimension beyond hearing, it engages the imagination and transports us better then a novel or a great movie into another space in thought and emotion. is a composer from the 16th century any less of a master then a contemporary artist writing music today?

i don't think so. :o). it's an enigma. artists endure from a short time to a long time, sometimes based on nothing more then a whim, fate, kismet, or what have you. the measure of greatness is not in the time they are with us, but in the legacy they bequeath us in what they create.

i think music is fascinating. where it comes from, why it strikes us like it does. all of it.

besides, what you know of music today at 15 or 16 will be multiplied immeasurably (i assume given your passion for music) each year. do you really feel qualified to say who is 'the best' based on a few years of exposure? maybe a relative 'best' - given what you have been exposed to, what your preferences are, this would be valid.

for many reasons and with respect to the many styles of music that there are, it is impossible to put together 'the best' list for me. i won't even try. there are just a number of great guitarists, bass players, drummers, and keyboardists, as well as vocalists. what you love may be the result of a rhythm section instead of just one part of it. when they play together that is what really determines whether there is a fit.

it would be nice to say A7X Synyster or Tool's Danny or Metallica's Cliff or Dio or whatever are 'the best.' it's just not the case. there is no 'best.'

it is all relative - you cannot divide the whole into parts nor take parts and make a whole and think that is the 'answer.'

Guitar: Randy Rhoads
Drums: Keith Moon or John Bonham
Bass: Geezer Butler or Cliff Burton
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne and Freddie Mercury
Back Up Vocals: The Opera singer from Pink Floyd (Sorry don't know her name)
Song Writer: Ozzy Osbourne and Roger Waters
Hamonica: Ozzy Osbourne ;-)