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How many times have you see Ozzy and where?


my sister and I have been going to Ozzy shows since 1981. we've lost count at over 45 shows in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. living in Chicagoland, we would see most tours twice; once at a Chicago venue and again at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin (hence, the name!). the furthest was when we drove to Kalamazoo to see Ozzy play a festival at the Timber Ridge Ski Resort with Accept, Night Ranger, Motley Crue and headlined by Triumph.

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How many times have you seen Ozzy perform Live, and where?

My goal is to see Ozzy 20 times.
I have seen him live 19 times.
Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City,
Seattle, Chicago, Cauyohoga Falls Ohio (sp?), Holmdel, NJ,
Tampa Fl.
Most shows I saw in Toronto. I have all my stubs still too.

Seen Ozzy 19 times, all in the UK. Sometimes great, sometimes not so great, but all memorable nonetheless.

First time was in October 1980 in my home town of Hull, Yorkshire, and the last time was in September 2010 at the 02 Arena in London. Seen him on every UK Tour apart from Diary which was cancelled last minute. Seen most of his festival appearances also, including 4 times at Castle Donington.

Fave ones, first time obviously, with Randy, but also Manchester in '86, Hull in '88, London '89, Birmingham '97 and Donington '05. Least fave probably Donington '02.