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It would be great if you could please put together an Ozzy Christmas album.


Ozzy hates Christmas. He said so on an episode of The Osbournes. Now make it with Jessica Simpson, he would probably do it lol!

How bout this 4 a good song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRW2poUfJ34

Idk guys he did say in that exact same episode he would like to write a Christmas song.

lol. love the carrot. if that's the one with Jessica. Ozzy, what a perv. lol.

No, that's Bob Rivers singing.

lmao. touche', didn't watch it thinking it was the one with Jessica. pretty funny! i shared that in Ozzy!!!! on Facebook. thx!


wonder why Ozzy hates Christmas so much. that's kind of sad. except, it's probably when Sharon blows a big wad through his wallet. being the addict she is with shopping.

i kind of dig Christmas, if i was him i'd do the sleigh and the horses in the snow somewhere, with the warm cocoa or cider at the end, and snuggling by a fire. tobogganing is a blast, but not for those with a weak bladder unless they're in the last seat lol.