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Ultimate Guitar Web Article: What should [Ozzy's Old...

Sorry for the way this title reads, but it kept bumping the topic as Spam. This article was published and just pissed me off to read.

Totally dismisses who Ozzy is and has been to hundreds of millions of people.

Read it yourself here: <a href="http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/what_should_sabbath_do_should_ozzy_scrap_solo_band__rejoin_sabbath.html?voted">What Should Sabbath Do? Should Ozzy Scrap Solo Band and Rejoin Sabbath? - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/what_should_sabbath_do_should_ozzy_scrap_solo_band__rejoin_sabbath.html?voted</a>


QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE #1: If a new, successful Black Sabbath album with Ozzy was to be made, then the rocker's celebrity commitments would need to be flushed down the toilet. No chat show appearances. No red carpet appearances. No reality television programmes. Such commitments would merely get in the way of a more important goal, and would be an unnecessary distraction from the goal at hand. Ozzy's solo career would also have to become secondary, too, or else that would potentially jeopardize a Sabbath reunion album being made too.

QUOTE FROM ARTICLE #2: As much as I love Ozzy's solo work, it pales in comparison to Sabbath's catalogue, and Ozzy's songwriting team - nowadays especially - don't have the songwriting prowess Iommi and co. do to write truly great tracks for him. For that reason, if I was Ozzy I'd maybe even scrap the solo band in favour of a full-time Sabbath reunion for the time being.

QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE #3: Tony Iommi IS Black Sabbath - not Ozzy, not Ronnie James Dio. No-one else. ...Politics will inevitably play their part behind the scenes, with Ozzy's camp making sure the limelight shines on him more than any of the others.


fdarkbladeus :
Very amusing to see the way Ozzy as a performer is dismissed by Joel McIver. Ozzy's solo work does not pale in comparison to Sabbaths catalog. The man has a multi-platinum career. Your agenda is is amazing. Millions love him and pay to see him perform today on his Scream tour. Surely they would disagree with your brazen and arrogant assessment.

Just because RJD has passed, that does not mean the world has the right to assume Ozzy will drop everything and pander to what Iommi and Butler may or may not want.

I was a Sabbath fan back in 1975. They were awesome. But that is the past, and today is today.

Iommi and Butler never could recreate or come CLOSE to what they had with Ozzy. So all your comments about other singers, what a joke. Dream on.

This band Ozzy has is fan-bloody-tastic. Tommy Clufetos, Rob Blasko, Adam Wakeman, and the only member you acknowledge Gus G are energetic, top-class rockers more than capable of writing an album that way blows away what I have seen come from the likes of Iommi and Butler in recent years.

You people live in a vacuum. Go to m-ySp-ace and look at fans on Ozzy, Iommi, and Butlers pages. Do the same for Fa-ceb-ook, Tw-itte-r, what is it that you see? Ummm...let's not underestimate the star power of Ozzy.

Please. You insult Ozzy fans by your simplistic and dismissive article.

Related to someone asking why I hyphenated the social networking sites...

fdarkbladeus :
Because most sites disallow publishing comments within text.
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fdarkbladeus :
(related to those social networking sites).
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fdarkbladeus :
Go out onto those sites and check for yourself. We are talking enormous differences here.


Butler = 27,534
Iommi = 31,420
Ozzy = 589,138


Butler = 6,957
Iommi = 23,663
Ozzy = 2,576,562

The reality is that despite cynical or dismissive comments on him, Ozzy's in a place with his current lineup (which is stellar) and fans who love him that these other men are not. 40 years later the man with the dimples still has the crowd in the palm of his FN hands. and yes, even after MTV. That may piss some off but it's a reality. he's sober, he's blowing fans away.

Clearly it is not he who would benefit from this alliance as much as Iommi and Butler.

Given the love fans currently have for Ozzy solo - and satisfying some needs within those stuck in the past, what is the draw for Ozzy?

I love Sabbath as much as the next person btw. But nothing past when Ozzy was there, and past their first 5 or so albums was worth a damned. Only one or two songs. Why? Well, Iommi began thinking (as someone stated here) that he was Sabbath. Give me a break. Sabbath is in equal measure Ward, Butler, Iommi, and Ozzy.

If Ozzy decides he wants to play something with these guys great. I wouldn't tour with them, but cut a few songs? Sure.
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Martha Sandusky
Ozzy remain solo I luv his new band they rawk.
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Jennifer Clarke
I think they should just forget the whole thing. Ozzy's doing great on his own. He doesn't need to go back to that.
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Arizona Darkblade
TELL THE PEOPLE ON ULTIMATEGUITAR.COM!!!!!!!! Everyone there just dismisses his solo career big time! I joined just to post a pro-Ozzy opinion. Ridiculous.
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Jennifer Clarke
Ok my friend, I'll do it too. We Ozzy fans have got to stick together!!!
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Curtis Torchia
Looks like the choice belongs to the fans. I don't think so. Ozzy is the true voice of sabbath so where ozzy goes so goes sabbath. Plus when it is just ozzy you get all the solo stuff. It would be a bad move for ozzy to go back. Also I bet if Dio were around they wouldn't be asking ozzy. Mater of fact ozzy's solo tour sold more seats then the heaven and hell tour. And the heaven and hell tour had 2 supporting acts. Ozzy rules.
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