Costa Rica the next awsome place to do a concert in this touring ( less than a pair of hours from panama) | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Costa Rica the next awsome place to do a concert in ...

hey this is more an asking than a topic i am writen to ask ozzy and sharon i mean come on u are gonna do an amazing show at panama i am so sure but u know where else people will do what it takes whatever it takes to hear u ozzy COSTA RICA come on metallica iron maiden aerosmith now motorhead have all been in costa rica and they loved the place and the people please ozzy i mean i am into music cause of u and i love rock cause of u let my dream come true to see my hero on stage please think about it please come to Costa rica in this tour u are giving i mean from panama it´s less than a pair of hours by plain ozzy i mean if u are in panama the same day u could travel to cr pleaseeeee pleaseee let all the rock fans sing all night and scream cause our hero is coming please ozzy U ROCK DUDE FOR REAL U CREATED METAL U ARE LIKE A GOD TO ME THANK U SO MUCH FOR BEING OZZY ( BTW I LOVED THE NEW ALBUM RLLY GOOD NEW SONGS AND I SAW THE OZZEST 2010 AMAZING SHOW)


I would hate to see you miss the master if you do not visit one of the places Ozzy is scheduled for already. I think he's already committed his time to South America at the venues that you see advertised. Hope you can drive those couple hours, his show rocks! I'm just beyond myself happy for all of you that he's decided to go down to see ya, a few of my friends from there were blown away he's coming ;o). Don't hold out. People did that here in the US (wanted him at their doorstep) and missed him altogether. Bend a little! ~*

guess so but i mean i still have my hope u know haha about ozzy coming down cr i mean metallica did and they loved it and also megadeth iron maiden and motorhead aerosmith korn so i mean it´s a rlly nice place to have a concert and i mean i will be so happy and not just me but all the costa rica fans that love rock and metal cause well ozzy is the best icon and rock star ever he created all a movement so i mean he is like a hero so i rlly hope he could u know come here i mean we still have our hope cause we think maybe he will announce the place place to go in the tour and we hope it´s a near place from panama so cr is the place hehe so i hope he can make it here =)

hey i just found out for some friends that are into music business that a reason why mr ozzy osbourne may not come to cr is because of the date i mean they said some people had everything ready for ozzy to come to costa rica to have a great concert but the only day mr osbourne could do it was a holy friday i mean ozzy it´s something i am telling u with all the respect in the name of all the fans here that love u i mean if that is the main reason why u may not be here i mean we dont really care about the date i mean we will make the stadium complete sold out and also i mean no matter what happen we will be there singing and going crazy for u and no matter who is not k with it ozzy i mean costarican fans will make the concert happen and give u ur best concert ever so ozzy if the date is the problem please reconsider it cause i promise u in the name of all ur fans here that will make the concert happen and we will sold it out and give everything for u here so if that´s the main reason please ozzy make our dream true come home come cr ( in the case u can not do it this time please for next tour come to cr we are waiting for u to rock our world thank u)