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Hey. New member.. question about 'Tomorrow'

Hey everyone.
One of my favourite Ozzy songs is Tomorrow. Has he ever played that live?


Many of Zakk's songs are fantasmic. I love Back on Earth big time. Tomorrow. Thunder Underground. No More Tears.


Well, at this point only a couple of folks chimed in but to their understanding no, he has not ever played the song live.

Passionate. That's what the song is. PURE, UNBRIDLED PASSION.

Tomorrow's one of my favorite Ozzy tunes too...it redefines BAD@SS :o).

I would flip to hear that and Back on Earth. Hellraiser & Lightning Strikes too.

Those songs - wow. I scream along with the old Ozzman driving my hour to work sometimes - playing them over and over and over...and never getting bored.

What a 'tard.

Living In The Big House
Dying By Rail
If I Wanted Your Opinion
I'd Dial You Up In Hell
Could That Be The Mailman
Knockin' On The Door
Or Just Another Light Weight
Finally Evening The Score
You Know It

To answer your question - amazingly enough, I don't think he has. But I am far from the technical wiz of all setlists that Ozzy has ever performed. I can ask some of the fans on the Ozzy!!!! group in Facebook if they would know - I'll post back if anyone responds.

welcome btw

they must have. hey ozzy im here 1970 march 24 its jude. i rebbelled with that zappa song god didnt like, we seen the throne and i took crystal's hand love and the earth were born. our dream remember we have to die because of what me and tommy shaw did, heads or tail. I was there before the earth began. i jumped on stage showed croch and the cover first styx album. milk and honey, lake of fire. its fkn me man we travelled here. the cross the dream rock and roll, lol i remember think the iron man dream you guys always with me singing about my dreams our dreams im not afraid lol you wanna have some fun old feller im ready to rock and crazier then fkn ever sighned THE Holy Spirit