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SCREAM among Billboard's Top 200 Top Selling Hard Ro...

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AC/DC, GODSMACK, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and DISTURBED have released some of the top-selling hard rock/heavy metal albums of 2010, according to

The following CDs have made's Top 200 list of the year-end top-selling albums across all genres, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan:

42. Dark Horse - NICKELBACK
53. A Thousand Suns - LINKIN PARK
65. Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack) - AC/DC
71. The Oracle - GODSMACK
81. Asylum - DISTURBED
88. The Circle - BON JOVI
106. Journey's Greatest Hits - JOURNEY
111. Them Crooked Vultures - THEM CROOKED VULTURES
124. Valleys Of Neptune - JIMI HENDRIX
152. War Is The Answer - FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
154. Scream - OZZY OSBOURNE
165. Greatest Hits - GUNS N' ROSES
174. Black Gives Way To Blue - ALICE IN CHAINS
187. Guitar Heaven: The Greatest ... - SANTANA

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There were complaints about no Iron Maiden in the ranks. Here was my reply.

Iron Maiden was not #4. Lady Gaga was. Bieber and Swift 2x in top 10 and sound tracks #31 and #35 (Twilight and Alvin and the Chipmunks) did better then these metal says alot about the buying public. UGH.

My take on the list?

-Dark Horse is a great album.
-Smack and The Oracle are beyond a huge disappointment -a very strange twist after IV. flush!
-Nightmare has a few nice songs but is overrated but understood in popularity given the Revs passing, if that is your cuppa tea (teen angst).
-Asylum was a conservative album repeating the same old same old, but did show some new direction by Disturbed so it is okay but not a run out and buy it by far.
-Ozz's Scream blew away most of these other CDs.
-AIC Black Gives Way to Blue is okay, but again not an exceptionally good CD. Sounded more like Cantrell's earlier stuff written with the band. Not very impressed.

That the full list contains Lada Gaga, Bieber, and Taylor Swift is horribly telling. what a bunch of bloody goobers we have in our world.

Eminem being #2 with Recovery, cool. Black Eyed Peas with #10 was a surprise. Haven't given it a whirl.

Most of the list is stuff my 9 year old daughter listens to. LOL.