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ozzy concert

cant wait till you get to houston texas.. at last i am able to see you in concsert.. love ya..



I am getting pretty excited too. He's coming to Phx on 1-26, and I'm going to LA Hollywood to see him on 2/1 also. I "finally" saw him this past summer, and he's just beautiful girlfriend. Just time-vortexed me right back to 11 when I first heard him, saw his dimples in a picture and with a girlfriend Sue B totally fell in love with the man. Woo! (peace sign).

I've loved the man for 34 plus years now. Because of life circumstances nothing happened for me for a long time. After the events of the past 2 years I decided "F" that, nothing is gonna stop me from living for what I need and want in this lifetime ANYMORE. Ozzy is a huge part of that. My music is ~*


You're gonna be all amazed. it's like a big electric something goes through the space between you and him and just "crack" grabs hold of your center. it's sooooo cool!