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Concert on the 18th of Jan.

I just want to say about this conert comin up!! My son is a total Ozzy fan, to the up most! And for me 48 now! Always listen to you1 Well my son is going to be 21 on Jan 18th. Ozzy is playing at Toyota Center in Houston!!!!I told him I can't afford the tickets,, But got them!!! He is going to have a blast!!!! Thanks sssssssoo much for makin this a very special day for him!!! Sincerely Shari


Ozzy's band are so tight, they are beyond amazing. I related the story of my son because I just know when your son see's him he's gonna be soooooooooooooooooo touched. Everyone I know and spoke with about his performance this past summer was just so personally touched by Ozzy's performance, the classics sung so well, his love for us, and the love that just welled from every heart there.

:o). you said "ticketS" as in plural. heheh!!! if I were you I'd do a slight suggestion (with an elbow to the ribs) that your schedule looks mighty open on that day!

HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is in such great form! WHAT a joy!

aww! that's so sneaky of you lol =oP Priceless that you got him tickets, it's something that will be with him forever. Hee hee!!!!! Good on you!!!

I gave my son my ticket to a concert in town when he was 15-1/2 ... it was his first concert. All the bands were HOT, we both loved every single band and were familiar with the lineup (pretty unusual for as many bands as they had playing).

I really had wanted to go, and as a single mom working myself like a dog with no fun for literally years, and loving music but not having been free to express that in my life for a very long time, I was going to make that a treat for myself to forget the pressures. Times were soooooooooooooooooo beyond tight there was no way I could afford two tix. I really couldn't afford one but I got it anyway.

When it got to the day I got to thinking of all the help he was giving me (which was alot, building our house and helping care for younger siblings) and decided it was the least I could do.

OMG. It was priceless to me to drop him off seeing how excited he was. And to pick him up red-faced from all the screaming he'd been doing with all the bands he and I both loved, and just talking 3000 miles a minute.

You know? That's what it's all about =o). He still talks about that from time to time, so ~Hugs!