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Help Autograph Picture for my Daughters Birthday

I don't know if anyone can help me. My daughter's birthday is Feb 3rd. Which is the same day that Ozzy is performing at the HP Pavillion in San Jose. I am taking her there for her birthday, and would also like to get an autographed picture from Ozzy, wishing her a Happy Birthday. Does anyone know how I can go about getting an autograph?


Possibly a meet n greet package, but these cost a fortune.
The only other option I suppose is waiting outside the venue waiting for Ozzy to arrive, or hanging about afterwards hoping he'll sign stuff as he leaves. You could try contacting the venue or his management team. I've tried waiting around after the concert a few times,twice I was successful, but three times Ozzy boarded the coach behind an iron gate and then the bus just drove off.
I've met Ozzy several times over the years and usually he's quite accomodating, and he'll sign whatever you want, but these meet 'n greet packages seem to be all the rage lately, where you pay to meet the band, its a rip-off I think, I don't agree with bands charging their fans to meet them, and I'm dissapointed with Ozzy for doing this, I'm sure its probably more to do with his management trying to make more money from us loyal fans but I think its wrong.
Black Label Society are doing the same on their upcoming UK tour, £200 to meet Zakk and the boys, sod that. I've got a photo of me and Zakk from 1989 which I'd love to get signed but I an't paying £200.
I've also got one of me and Ozzy from '89 which I wanna get signed, I took it to last years book signings but wasn't allowed to even get it out to show Ozzy, I was warned if I got it out I'd be evicted from the shop, bastards.
Anyway good luck, let us know how you get on.

you could google for an address for fan mail, and see if you can overnight it or something with a return overnight envelope in there. no guarantee it'd be signed or whatever...i've never personally sent anything that way. but it's a suggestion. what have you got to lose?