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I`m new here, but an old fan. I have one basic question.........
Could it be possible for us loyal old rock fans to get the original Sabbath to do a NEW album.....Please
.....Just for once! I think we`ve waited long enough, I`m sure a few others might agree with me.....c`mon,
put everything aside and do it for the Fans! With all that`s going on today...well, we deserve it!....Please! :)


You know, I love Ozzy and Sabbath fans as my brothers and sisters. There is something magical about his work with Sabbath in the 1970's and his solo stuff in the 1980's and 1990's that just remains the best of the best in rock music.

So I know you join me in saying it is fitting that credits have come in for him as well as for Sabbath.

As a classic Sabbath fan, I do understand what you are saying.

But on the other hand? Ozzy has music out. He's got an album out that is a-ma-zing. And he has a fantastic lineup right now.

If you pick up a copy of Scream (if you haven't already) I am positive you'll flip.

If you go to see this lineup I am positive you will flip.

Maybe had the lineup NOT changed I would have agreed with you. But now? Having heard what they can do? I don't want Ozzy to let these guys slip away just yet. I want to see them in the studio creating an Ozzy album. I think they'll blow my mind. Several times, with new albums. I totally love them.

Also, sometimes I get the sense that this is a supply and demand thing. The general idea is: now that Dio is gone, Ozzy is the natural to plop in the band as lead singer. So, no consideration is given to him or what he'd doing with his own band.

I've heard Iommi and Ozzy collaborations, and what they came up with in the early 2000's. I think something is missing. I really don't know what it is. Maybe it was the heart and soul that they poured into being a band in the 60's and 70's. Maybe it's bad interpersonal vibes, or missing band mates inputs. I don't exactly know. But what I do know is that something was missing.

I had read years ago there was one who did much of Sab`s songwriting who doesn`t want to do it anymore. This, I believe, is the difference.

It all comes down to the philosophy of contributions. Just as Geezer felt in 1979, Ozzy gets all the praise as the frontman and the rest of the band not enough. But hello? That's how it goes in ALL bands. Jesus Christ. Geezer needs to get over himself. Who f***ing cares who contributes what. It is the sum of the parts that makes your hair stand on end. It's pretty selfish if you ask me. He's just so f***ing gone it's really stupid.

I vote for Ozzy to do his thing and Tony needs to make lots more music with Phil Anselmo. Those two have an unbelievable chemistry together. Here's a song hardly anyone has heard by Tony & Phil called 'The Bastard' and it will shred your face. They both sound at the top of their game and I want more of Iommi/Anselmo.