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Just a note to watch when you buy VIP Tickets from LIVE NATION!!!! I have been battling with them since NOV 25,2010 in getting the package sent to me which the old same story they give is it is being sent out.... The cost of 999.00 is just meeting OZZY from what I got so far..... I will be seeing a Lawyer about this and have came across another girl out West that is having the same problem with Live Nation so just BEWARE......


I have been an Ozzy fan and believe me I work hard for my money and I think everyone else does too. If you are paying a 1,000.00 VIP package and do not getr what is listed yes people should know what their money is going on..People work hard for their money and to go and spend more on a civil suit because they were jipped in the first place is just not right.Alot of people don't have the money and scrape to purchase these tickets and can not do any more. As for Ozzy and Sharon they need to be aware and believe me I have tried my best to try and let them know of this, unless you have their personal address or phone then there is no way to contact them about this company...Ozzy has been my idol since teen age years and for Live Nation to be doing this and to other fans is just hidious... So i am trying to save people there hard earned MONEY, maybe Ozzy will be more wary in signing with them in the future with future concerts...I can't believe you think his fans should just pay the money and not voice their own opinion in helping others....

I'm not saying that it is what is happening, but if you were someone who disliked Ozzy and wanted to make people who want to meeting him not get M&G tix, what better way to make that happen then create a thread like this?

By all appearances, that would be the case. Might I suggest a personal letter addressed to his office or whatever? You know if you google contact and Ozzy there are several places listed right?

If it is legit, then rather than go on pissed, do something proactive aside of rant. Contact them. I would address LiveNation, and CC: Sharon and Ozzy on the communication. Go to a college and ask a law student if they'd help you draft something to send. I'm sure that if you go about things assertively if this is happening, spinning wheels would start to turn. Maybe Ozzy and Sharon are unaware. LN is a big company.