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Ozzy Osbourne opened the second leg of his North Ame...

Ozzy Osbourne opened the second leg of his North American on Wednesday, January 12 at Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The multiple-award winning singer put 21 songs on his setlist for the evening and surprisingly they played just 16 songs and also there was no opening performance for the show. Some of the songs he performed on stage were from his old days like “Back at the Moon”, “Mr. Crowley”, the Oscar award winning song “I Don’t Wanna Change the World” and only a new single “Let Me Hear You Scream” from his latest album “Scream”.
Ozzy is on a 6 week tour in support of his album “Scream” that was released in June 2010 and his track Let Me Hear You Scream remained at number 7 of the Billboard Rock Songs for full 8 weeks. However the number of attendees on the show were just 6000 that was half less than the crowd that attended his show at the same venue on Halloween 2007. Moreover Greek guitarist Gus G replacing the Ozzy’s oldest guitarist Zakk Wylde and Detroit drummer Tommy Clufetos replacing Mike Bordin also played first time with the singer.
Osbourne, 63 year old singer also known as Prince of Darkness has toured countless times but his 2011 tour is different as he has included a special homage to honor his best friend and world greatest guitarist Randy Rhoads who lost his life in an air crash in 1982 when Ozzy was on a his Diary of a Madman tour. Ozzy Osbourne 2011 tour dates include withdraws at the end of the shows and two VIP attendees will win a bottle of wine that has been named after the late guitarist. The wine served by Ozzy is D'Argenzio Winery’s 2005 Randy Rhoads Cabernet Sauvignon produced by his sister as attribute to the rock star. During his six weeks of tour, the all time famous singer will be touring all the major cities of US and other countries including Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Germany, Ecuador, Norway, Poland and Denmark.
Ozzy Osbourne long life journey spread over more than 4 decades from a simple singer to Prince of Darkness spread is remarkable and inspiring. Ozzy’s own son Jack Osbourne is preparing a documentary on his legendary pop star father that covers the musical journey of his father. The move titled "Wreckage of My Past" has been filmed and now in its post-production, Jack told Artisan News Service in a recent talk. The film will hit theaters sometime around this year.


Ozzy turned 62 12/3/2010; lets not make him any older. Fan for 41 years.