He didn't do 'Killer of Giants' in LA. Love that song. But pretty much all the others listed here he did.

His show will include much more depending on how crazy the crowd goes. If there isn't much energy, it will be shorter.

Translation: GO F*N CRAZY!!!!

I have been following the set list online since he started touring in 2010. I cannot wait to see the set list posted for what he will be performing at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan 2/12/2011. I am geared.

to see anybody's setlist use and search for their name. the concerts will come up and you can check it out!

War Pigs, NIB, Flying High Again, Fairies Wear Boots, Paranoid, Iron Man, Let Me Hear You Scream, Mr. Crowley, I Dont Know, Crazy Train, Fire in the Sky, Shot In the Dark, Killer of Giants, Bark at the Moon, Suicide Solution, That may have been all the songs he played January 14th at Scottstrade center in St Louis. But Slash wasnt there to open up so I think he played more songs. Atleast he played the most songs Ive seen him perform except at Ozzfest with Black Sabbath where Ozzy performed with Sabbath and then his own solo act. Those are the songs he usually chooses from for his set list