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Bring Zak Back

As much as I appreciate Gus G there is no one who can complete Ozzy's band than Zak. Period. Bring back Robert Borden (I think that's his name) He just drives the Ozzy experience. The bass man he's got now is worthy to stay but, Ozzy you've got to get those two back. You're established and to not include them in the line up is like replacing a member of the Beatles with someone from the Stones. It's just not the same. Zak is respected as a player but, when people think of him, they don't think Black Label Society, they think Ozzy. Those two musicians ARE part of the Ozzy experience. No one can take that away. Ozzy, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. Bring 'em back Ozzy. By the way, I've been following you before The British Rock Meeting in 1970 or 71 in Europe it's a blur. Remember those days? As always, a true friend who won't lie to you and fan


Zakk started to think too much about BLS. It carried over into the Ozz set. It was not respectful. And then there is what some call his "pig squeal." Ugh. I have to agree it's annoying. Also, he picked up this disgusting habit of hawking lugies (spitting) up in the air which was just disgusting to watch. He acted like a biker all the time. Just didn't work within the context of a band, but as a solo, you know? I love his playing too, but his ego was up there in the clouds. Sad, but true :o(.

I love Zakk, he's just incredible playing the classics and writing them. I didn't like the direction he was going either, too slow and hard for Ozz.