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Hello all just checking in to see what is going on lately.
-mycrazylife- I know that is not the "fun" place to be(my cousin was there for Desert Storm) I would like to keep in touch with you and send you a I care package. Personally I think we all should get some stuff and send it over to this person who can not come to Ozzfest because he is serving our country.My thoughts and Blessings are with you! Keep in touch!
-dale- we can do that. what kind of seats did you end up getting from ------nation? I live down at High Rock Lake I am not sure how far that is from you, I could look it uop and see however I am pressed for time.So I am going to run for now I will check back in later today.
If you all are on IMVU look me up I am Fariest Nymph there
on you will find me there as Lilth