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Ozzy sick

Ozzy, Ive been a fan of yours for years and years...yeah giving away my age a bit..haha.. Anyway Ozzy hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself and listen to those doctors hun. I got to see you finally in Conn at the Casino there. Im disabled so getting the cash up to see you is hard but Im hoping that I can save up the money somehow to see you again next time you're in the area.

Get well soon,
Love ya Ozzy, Sharon and your whole family.


have so much fun. it's coming!!! ;o) you'll get foamed if you get that close! kinda fun actually =o) lolz. pretty funny to see what everyone looks like right after tee hee!!

and yea, that's what i have heard too...rumors that they MAY play together. on a new album. there is not a single thing in the world like the original Sabb. let us wait and see!

I saw Dio in 1981. He was okay, but really my whole being rejected everything about him because he simply was so not Ozzy. and Ozzy IS Black Sabbaths voice of doom. I grew up with Ozzy/Sabbath so big in my heart there can never be a replacement. They should have made another band.

I love Ozzy hes adorable with the way hes all excited jumping around stage & his facial expressions,
I will totally let you know how it goes when i see the concert, im crossing my f*cking fingers that nothing goes
wrong between now & tuesday so i can see him play on the 8th. LOL

It is going to really mean the world to me, granted he may always do ozzfest while he still around, but who knows
if he'll play close by me, and all i want to see IS ozzy for 3 hours!! no one else!!!.. Im okay with slash though (:

Ill be so happy just to be within a few feet from him, I know that probably wont happen, but ill cheer him on
and scream til i lose my voice!! he deserves all the respect love and inspiration in the world to keep on doing
what he does.

Is it true he may be playing a tour after scream with Tony and Geezer from Sabbath??
If so that would be soo awesome!!!

Id be so thrilled to just have the chance to ozzy or members from sabbath preform..

I wanted to see Dio so badly in concert.. but sadly he passed on, but his music lives on forever.. RIP.. \m/ \m/

Well, Ozzy took the stage in LA at Universal Studios and just blew us all away. He was charming, very very funny, and showed a side of his loving self that just will never go away from my heart.

=o). I am tearing up writing this to ya. He was so funnY! He did this zombie thing with his hands like claws and his face all screwed up in a grimace OMFG girl it was sweet. I love the Prince of Darkness. His shows are like no other.

I even got foamed LOLz.

I think he's good. My understanding is that he's dealing with Parkins, always. And with the aches and pains from many accidents from his past. He has some paralysis but does very well with that. And? He's 62! Lordy, he doesn't show that but I'm sure it has it's weights on his energy level.

Ozzy ROCKS and Ozzy RULES! I am so jealous of you girlfriend. I wanted him to be my first when I was 14 but he'd left Black Sabbath and that wasn't possible. I didn't realize it when I went to the show until the other singer came out. I never have gotten over that, in 33 years.

So you be prepared for the time of your life! And MAKE SOME NOISE! Ozzy plays longer and gets so much more excited when you do. And? It's infectious, when you freak, it makes everyone around you get the freak on too. Many are just too shy to let that stuff flow. But if they feel they're not alone? WOW, they will join ya and the POD will too!

It's a great show. Enjoy!

Awe man, How bad is he sick..): will he still be playing on the 8th?
Im the new generation of ozzy fans helping to keep metal music alive (:
This coming up show on the 8th is suppose to be my very first concert,
to see the prince of darkness himself.. I really hope hes well enough to play..
please post updates on how hes doing, or any info of whats going to happen..

Awe man, How bad is he sick..): will he still be playing on the 8th?
Im the new generation of ozzy fans helping to keep metal music alive (:
This coming up show on the 8th is suppose to be my very first concert,
to see the prince of darkness himself.. I really hope hes well enough to play..
please post updates on how hes doing, or any info of whats going to happen..

Dear Ozzy and Sharon:

This is a guess from someone who has a mysterious illness--me. Is there liver trouble involved? Intestinal trouble? Small whitish bits on his clothing? I am quite sure that what I have is a parasite and that in the past America was not a place you would likely get that, so there are not many people trained in parasitology. I'm in the middle of this process and yes, people look at me like I'm crazy or think that I am crazy. I am not, I promise. I believe that global warming and the relative ease of travel throughout the world is causing the U.S.A. to have bugs we never had before. Some of them come from the south and south or the border; some of them come from Asia. My symptoms include a nasty rash, small pupae (maggots, if it's flies like mine is)just under my skin that I can see when I look in the mirror, particularly gathered around my eyes, on my nose and on my chin. It sounds crazy here, but would not in Kathmandu, where I traveled some years ago. In the Nepali jungle there are at least 10 parasites. Sand flies are one of the commoner means of getting bitten and infected. So this would include the Middle East too. I do not know what his schedule has been, and it is just a thought caused by what is happening to me. This is a serious kind of disease and I hope that he doesn't have it. I have probably partied like Ozzy in the past and can no longer drink because I develop excess ammonia in my liver (a blood test would show that). It makes me sleep about 10 hours a night and still be tired in the morning, but if you look on the internet you will see that there is a very long list of effects that parasites can cause--many that can appear to be something else. I have so far been treated for my symptoms, and I have seen the flies that cause this particular parasite in the local hospitals, supermarkets, all over the pavement.

That's my thought--it could certainly be something else or a parasite that is not the same as mine, or whatever--but this American outbreak is not getting any publicity, I suppose because we're so far into a depression (13 trillion dollars and counting) that anyone involved in the cycle would not want to make a big deal of it--it would cost huge money to get rid of. Imagine cleaning a chain of restaurants or a group of hospitals; difficult and expensive don't begin to describe it. We would also tend to lose money because people would hear about it and cancel their trips to America. Dishonesty in the media has become a way of life here.

Maybe I'm way off; I hope so, because I do not have any hope to offer at this time. I am not seeing a specialist until Feb. 8, and whatever laboratory she uses will be the final word as far as she's concerned. I highly recommend finding a parasitologist (there are a few) if any of this sounds familiar. I am poor and on a government disability but I get most of my medical care for free--assuming that my primary care physician or my dermatologist agrees to recommend it. Ozzy will not have that problem. If I'm way off on the symptoms (and there are about 2 dozen of them), then ignore what I said and know that I wish you all well.


I hope he's not sick too. I know he's had back issues. Infection in his ears. These things are not good! Pneumonia is going around, as is Bronchitis.

Damn. We're all getting old. But the hard rock cells who make us what we are are still alive and strong. Rock on!!!