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12 Year Old Girl ROCKS "Crazy Train"!!!


After a couple of months of wishing Ozz and his fans might see this video, I decided to be proactive and sign up and post it here.
Some of you may have seen it, and maybe it's even been submitted here before, but DAY-YUM this is NOT to be missed!
I've yet to hear a negative review by any Ozz fans I know, nor have I seen anything in writing online that was not positive.

OK, 4 people from different countries collab'd on this:

Hector (Mexico), Guitar
Raúl (Spain), Drums
Mitchie (Japan), Bass, editing/mixing/production
And...Sabrina,(USA), vocals and awesomeness

Sabrina Carpenter (12) and her family are friends of mine and she's one of impressive roster of aspiring singers I promote.
When she released this song it was like a "shot heard 'round the world"! Mrs. Carpenter and I were emailing one day about how we might get this in front of Ozz somehow just for kicks. I told her I would find a way, and I am not easily discouraged. Submitting it here isn't exactly putting it in front of Ozzy directly, but I'm betting it's a short trip from this forum to him via someone in his crew. And there's bound to be some Ozzy fans who've not seen it and find it pretty amazing.
Anyone who's blown away and approves, how about leaving a comment on the video at Youtube, making sure Sabrina and her partners know you're OzzFans and approve?

You can go to YT and either search "sabrinastar99, Crazy Train" or try
Just replace the (dot) with a real one.


Des Moines, Iowa

(There you go, Mrs. Carpenter, my work here is done. )


One word: WOW! She's good. Jackie Evancho is also good. She's ten. Check her out!