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Tulsa show

Gonna snow hard tonite, I sure hope he does'nt have to cancel. So sick of snow oh well don't get Snowblind Ozman!


awww guys, that's so sad. =o(. you made me sad to read these posts. I totally understand. that sux!

I wish they had made some thought into people's safety instead of grabbing every dollar they can. We got 26 inches of snow and live an hour and a half away in good weather. Today is my son's 13th birthday, and i bought these tickets in November for tonight's show. Guess now he's screwed. BOK can suck it, I'll never buy from them again. And I hope Ozzy knows what a disappointed fan he has. Or had. Wish someone would make this right.

Ya it would be better if he came around again like the Reno show in April or may, sigh.

I wish they would postpone we are at 26 inches and counting. Theres no way the roads will be clear from Arkansas to Tulsa.