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R.I.P Michael Johnson

He got to see the Tacoma Dome show which he said was the highlight of his too short 15 years. He'd loved Ozzy and seeing this show meant a lot to him. He passed early in the morning on Feb, 7 2011. You will be missed Mike, you were my son's best friend. I hope you are at peace now Michael Jade Johnson Dec 11, 1995 - Feb 7, 2011.


wow. I'm so sorry for you and your son. that must be horrible to be experiencing. I'm so glad he got to see Ozzy. and that your memories of him will be of that positive and excited time for him. we all must go to the other side one day. it's a peaceful thing to pass on in your sleep. none of us know the time. but we know it will come. hugs to you WolfWoman. =o(. and especially to your son. that must be extremely shocking for him to experience. such a young guy.

The report is not back yet. They just know he stopped breathing in his sleep. It's hard to have it sink in. He was at my house just 8 hours before. He talked of this concert for a month before going.

=o(. what happened if it's not rude to ask?

Awe, that's so sad, ): im sorry for the loss.. my heart goes out to you, and his family.