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Are they selling tour programs on this tour?

Thanks I collect these and was wondering if they made one for this tour and selling at the shows? I will be seeing him next week.



Here is a list of all the tour books known to mankind (28)...

<a href=>tour programmes</a>

Some of them (10) can be browsed through virtual books. Click on the book front cover and magic (for explorer users only at the moment {sorry!!})!!!

I am looking for scans for the 29 other tour programs which are not linked yet to a virtual book.
Drop me a line !!!

woops, sorry forgot to get back w/ ya. nobody recalls seeing any.

I got a special UK version of a collectors packet from Ozzfest. cups were on sale at the concert, i got 3 lol. One fell apart that first day tho, the top rim became separated.

that's awesome that you collect that stuff. =0)

There was a dvd press kit on sale @ ozzfest UK.... But nothing such as the traditional tour book.
It was the same for the Black Rain tour in Europe.

I've no idea. I'll ask in our Facebook Ozzy group to see if anyone knows.