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Feb 10th Show NOT CANCELED. REFUND??!!!

The show in Tulsa, OK was not canceled, however; the weather was so bad that nobody could even get there. My handicapped uncle had been looking forward to going to this show for months! Due to the weather, we were unable to even get out of our neighborhood. Kid Rock refunded all of his fans, so why can't Ozzy do the same? He is stealing our money! What a f***ing a**hole. Way to disappoint your loyal fans.


I'd try contacting Live Nation maybe. Can't hurt.

The BOK was packed and I saw very very few seats if any that were empty. I think you might have been the only one not to show up. I live about 30 miles south and the roads were no problem. He can't postpone a show just because a few people can't make it. Ozzy is AWESOME!!

ozzy showed ...you didnt why dont you invest in some snowtires or move to where its warm you f***ing blowhole..