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Constructive criticism - Gus and the Sabbath tunes

From the clips I've seen so far on YouTube from the Scream tour, Gus does a nice job with the Randy & Jake era chops. For the Zakk stuff he sounds like a guy trying to play like Zakk, which isn't a plus even though he plays them very clean.

My biggest gripe however is with how soulless he sounds on the Sabbath tunes. It's disappointing because Gus talks about how Sabbath was a big influence on him when he first picked up a guitar. I think sometimes the highly skilled, technical players get bored with the simplicity of some of Tony's chops because most are simple to play. Gus is forgetting to let the evil-ness of a single note of doom resonate and make your hair stand up, the way only players like Tony and Dime really know how to do.

My only advice for Gus on the Sabbath tunes, is don't flood us with fills. Let your single notes breathe, and make our hair stand on end at the ring out Sabbath's doom and evil. Go back and watch some of Tony's work on the Paris '71 set. That's what you want to capture. When it comes to the Sabbath material, you've got to play it legit...and the only way to do that is to slow the hell down and simplify it. Tone and tempo are everything. Feel the Evil & Be the Evil, Gus. I'll be watching you guys this Sunday. Bring the Evil.


Thanks for the topic by the way BC. It was good to talk about this. =o)

it's tough I'm sure to have such beloved songs as your measure. though I can empathize with the pressure that must bring, I kind of agree with what BC is saying. fame and big bucks are all about stepping up way high in quality and effort. Gus has said that Ozzy likes and has encouraged his own take and individualization on the classics. whoa. when it comes down to it? i want to hear them as written, especially the solo's, not as he or anyone wants to 'interpret' them. non-musicians can recall every note a guitarist plays; why can't a technically proficient whiz do the same! not doing so ends up sounding unskilled or worse, lazy and complacent. like it's not worth the effort to learn it right!

Gus has the ability to learn the songs note for note. when he plays them that way, fans freak. the first concert of two i went to, he massacred Zakks solo's on 'Mama I'm Coming Home.' and I forget which song but also on a beloved RR solo. whoa, it was bad. in LA, however, he had the whole thing down, both songs. in 5 days. i was impressed. you could see the concentration on his face: he'd taken the time to learn the solo's. it really touched me. it's important! and it made the crowd roar!

the notes written for a song are the passion. the voice. the vision. a signature. they are sacred! who wants to hear it different? def not me.

I understand where you are coming from.
I see it in a different way. I always think that the sabbath cover song are a ground for ozzy s axeman to express themself and play with their own style.
Take a listen to Children of the grave on the "tribute" album; NIB on Speak of the devil; war pigs on just say Ozzy live EP & live & loud.... do those version sounds better in a way they were freshen up??
Lastly I think Gus is doing a great job and respects the legacy of the past ozzy's axeman.
PS: have you ever listened Brad Gillis during DoaMM & SotD tours playing crazy train??? slaughtered!!!