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SO MANY F@!&^$% new bands are growling, they all look the same more or less. Tight Black shirts and jeans with long hair and sometimes stupid wristbands. And Ozzy is right, they only play angry and F!(&$^@ growl all the time IS THIS THE NEW GENERATION OF METAL???? I was glad to see Dragonforce being different but cmon how can people tell the difference between all these different bands and im sure you know which bands, everytime i check out some random band thats gonna be on Ozzfest THEY GROWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey goat.... there you are.... been looking for ya... ;) Changed my name..... What show are you going to? You going to ride a horse there? LOL Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh geeeeeeeeeeeesh maybe we all should get them inside so we can stand on their backs...... They would love Ozzy :)

I am so f***ing sick and tired of not being able to be myself. I am glad I came back to Ozz..... I have been gone for damn near two years trying to help horses. Waist of time... Waist waist waist.... I never got no thank-you's or anything for helping with all of that. Now I know why they call it the dirty industry. Makes Ozzy look like the Pope.

Those f***ing people over there aren't even humane. Can't say anything cause when you do, you get slammed for this or slammed for that. A person litterly has to walk on eggshells and put on a mask to be in a group like that. I am so done with the nonsense and the people that don't give a rats ass about anything but their stupid pride. Oh yeah. Save all the horses. Why? Where the f*** are they gonna put them all.. Ozzy????? Got room for a thousand horses a day? Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.... I know you love them but how many can you take on? Anyway... I am done venting and just wanted all of you guys to know that ozzysrose is BACK!!!!! Missed all you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your No Different Than Me. ;)

Hey Rose, nice to see you as well. I have been checking things out around here since I joined up. Sorry to hear that these horse enthusiast of yours don’t seem to know good music when they hear it, but I say f*** them, or as Kevin Smith would say! f*** them up their stupid f***in asses! My advice is to just tell them to forever eat the red out of your ass, or better yet their horse’s ass. <strong>LMFAO!</strong>

Not going to be able to make Ozzy's show here in St Louis this time around Rose, I was most unlucky enough as to not be able to score me some damn tickets. So I guess I will have to try my luck next time around. No big deal really, I have seen Ozzy many, many times, it is my kids I want to experience the whole live thing, nothing like seeing Ozz live, or so I think.

Oh no doubt. CD's vinal that is one thing.. LIVE????? Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh get ready for the fireworks....... Lord some of his past years have been so fricken good that I was on a different planet for weeks. I have been to so many shows. So many cities. So many years..... Remember when Rob left Ozz to go to Metallica? Yeah... went with him and man love Metallica but home is here always has been always will be........

I feel so sorry for the horses. They do nothing wrong. They are innocent. It is the PEOPLE that are f***ing everything up for them.. They are digging a hole without any dirt. They have no clue the harm they are doing. That is how stupid they are. They say they are fans of this horse? NOT!!!!!!!! Some are and they act like it but the ones that aren't? Come on a rattelsnake could see through their phony make-up...................................

Rock On Ozz and do me a favor.... Take about 1000 horses and take care of them like you do all your animals. They would be living better than the top floor of the Embassy Suites...... LOL........... Neigh Neigh Neigh.... We have to talk my friend..... ;)

Rose, Yes I remember when Rob went to play with Metallica, in my view it was a really, really bad move, but that’s just my personal input on the whole thing.

I am proud to say I have always been a Rob Trujillo fan, as far back as his being in The Suicidal Tendencies. I recognized his talent from the beginning & he was a huge inspiration for me as a fellow bass player. I remember seeing Metallica’s documentary some kind of monster, I could not believe Lars & James were so shocked at Rob being so good at his audition, or being able to play the old songs as well as Cliff had. I literally was yelling at the TV set, its Rob f***in Trujillo! It’s Robert f***in Trujillo guys! WAKE UP!

It was just another one of many factors in my deciding that Metallica have been living on Pluto, or out in space somewhere ever since they lost their boy Cliff Burton. For you not to know who Rob Trujillo is, well its like not knowing who Randy Rhoads is, or Les Claypool. I really don’t get it at all, mostly because suicidal was just as big a deal as Metallica was in the early years of thrash metal. I would have thought that if anybody would know Suicidal’s music, or for that matter any of his counterparts within the metal community, it would have been a fellow metal head, an arch revival. But Lars and James were both like oh holy s*** dude, & did you see that dude, he plays amazing! I was just disgusted when it was all said & done, in my opinion the name of that documentary should have been “Some kinda pile of s***”

lol Anyway I will get off my soapbox for now, catch ya later Rose.


Scapegoat.. Yeah Cliff... Man now there was a bass player. I'll never forget that when that bus was going 110 miles per hour on ice in Europe and Kirk and Cliff had changed bunks. Cliff was having trouble with the breeze coming in so Kirk took his bunk for that night. OMG the driver fell asleep at the wheel at wee hours of the morning, flips the bus, it is on top of Cliff, dead and the band wacked out. They were never the same after that. Metallica died when Cliff died. You know the Merry Mayhem tour in 2003 was the one that Rob decided to go to Metallica. He was still under contract to do Ozzfest that summer and he was called to SF for an audition. James and Lars and Kirk were f****** shocked. It was only a couple of day before they called him and told him that he was on the stage...... They had another bass player they were auditioning. Well he decided to tell Sharon and Ozz that he was quitting. Boy the s*** hit the fan, last show, Vegas and I'll tell ya lots and lots of tears......

Ozz took Jason and I don't know how that went cause I went with Metallica at that point. It wasn't till the following year when Ozzy was with BS that I saw him again..........

Suicidal Tendencies ROCKED......... He is great on the 5 string bass... Ozzy lost a really good bass player that day and I have not yet seen his new one.... Tell me about him K? Yeah I know Zack and Mike Borden are still on the train..... Borden and Zack do really well together...............

Ozzy rules, rocks and rolls..................... ;)\

ps... Scapegoat.... I haven't even been to that site in days. Here today, gone tomorrow on cyberspace... It is history.... When the Ozzy bashing started, that was it for me........

I hear ya on the early days of Metallica. Those were the good ole days indeed! I think some of these young pups think that hard rock has always been this away, not realizing that when the early thrash movement reared its head up in the early, to mid 80’s that is was not just music to us fans, it was a movement, a revolution!! I have to say I was lucky to catch Cliff on the Master of Puppets tour just a few months before his death. It crushed me when I got the news, I was bummed out for weeks afterwards, kind of relived it once again here recently with Dimebags death, murder to be more exact.

As I remember back on Cliff before his death, I am thanking God now that I was sharp enough to have realized what a phenomenal bass player he was, but I have to say it wasn’t until after his passing that I truly seen what a creative force he was for Metallica. Cliff being a bit older than Lars & James, & “I am just guessing here”, he was kind of their own Tony Iommi.

I in retrospect have come to the conclusion that Cliff was the driving force, creatively, & in the arrangement of the songs. All one needs to do is listen to Master, then hit fast forward to the Black Album, it all becomes very clear to you then. I have to admit I had false hope for a little while when I heard "Justice for all" the first time, but it only now reconfirms my belief that Cliff was the man, this is the reason as to why I feel that way now. It is apparent that a bunch of the music that made Justice was written by Cliff, via is why Justice turned out to be as good an album as it was. I now wish it had not been the case, & that Metallica would have honored Cliff more by the music that would follow later, but they didn’t, & for that I almost hate them now. Anyway enough of being a blow hard, I will only end this by saying if Metallica had not dropped the ball with the black album, Pantera wouldn’t of had such an easy time of claiming the mantle of best hardcore metal band, but Metallica just let them have it, they didn’t even try to fight for it, so that is why I have not bought, or supported anything since Justice for all… LMAO

Later Rose


ok. tight black shirts and reeeeaaaally tight black pants and wristbands (are not stupid) is emo!!!!! the stuff that i like. other than ozzy, cradle of filth, and bullet for my valentine, i don't like anything but my emo-core!!!
also check out the one i posted on emo. emo isn't what you think. also check out the link to youtube i posted!!!! it's a really good song!!!
Not really Sincere,

Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?
-my chemical romance, life on the murder scene, desert song

There are bands that actually sing (Lacuna Coil, Diecast, ect) but when done right growling can be affective. I think the singer of Geezer Butler's band, GZR, uses growling very effectivly.

What I hate is this dumb idea that a guitar solo makes a band or song sound dated. A solo is where a musician shines. That is one of Black Rains biggest disappointments IMO, there aren't any big killer anthemic or melody filled epic solo by Zakk.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

For all the new & current metal/hardcore bands growling these days, thus lacking a key component in originality? The answer of course is yes the industry is being flooded with this type of artist getting signed. There is no question that this is occurring, no more than it is a question that most of the 80’s big hair bands were signed due to the glory of such bands as Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Kiss & Aerosmith in the 1970’s. Most of the bands that got signed in the early to late 80’s were nothing but wanna be clones of these guys that conquered the music scene just a few short years prior. Just as now we have a bunch of wanna be clones of such bands like Pantera, Slayer, & Metallica being signed today, via the insurgence of the 90’s metal movement. And with it eventually resulting in there being hardly anything new, or of real substance standing out in the hardcore scene as to date. It instead has once again become some kind of a cult movement, or crusade, with true hardcore fans digging through all the mucky yuck in order to get to the real bands that have some amount of originality within them. So yes growling has been played way the f*** out my friends, & with that said I can only hope in a relativity short period of time as in the early 90’s it will once again be leveled out with a new breed of artists actually bringing a thing known as originality & pioneering to the music scene again!

As for growling being a bad thing entirely, I say of course not, it’s the simple bastardizing of it all that makes me wanna puke. There are many bands past & present that have utilized this technique all so well. I myself like a good set of growling pipes when I hear them, such as demonstrated in the band Lamb of God, Crowbar, or Slayer. I would never want someone to eliminate them purely based on whether they may growl too much or not, since this opinion differs from taste, to taste. But I will pronounce this little nugget aloud; that all who contrive in the record industry should really think long & hard about whether newly signed bands will withstand the test of longevity, in turn bringing them their much anticipated profits that they so eagerly watch to come flooding in the door. It is a cold hard fact that a lot of labels in the 80’s suffered with the over signing of bands that only produced a few scraggly hits, & then sunk completely into obscurity leaving the record labels holding nothing but a empty ass money bag. I can only hope & pray that the industry has learned its self a valuable lesson when it comes to this kind of managing, but I tend to think I am merely getting my hopes up, especially considering a number of the currently signed artists we have today suck.

As for missing those sweet ass guitar solos of yesteryear, you bet I do! I want to hear them just as bad as you do my friend, but for whatever reason some of our contemporary artist have bought into the fact that if they do a lengthy guitar solo, it means your selling the f*** out. This is utterly absurd in my opinion, & to be honest it is a fundamental fact in me still listening to bands like slayer, or Lamb of God, I say there is nothing more awesome than a blistering ass guitar duel! I can only hope that this nonsense theory changes soon, & metal/hardcore will once again be full of seething ass guitar solos!