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Where was Slash?

Dear Ozzman,

Although I loved your show, your concert people lied to all of us ticket purchasers who were told Slash was going to perform via your website and the Ticketmaster website. However, SLASH DID NOT SHOW UP. Where was he, Ozzy, and why were we misled?

I appreciate your talent and your band's talent, but with all due respect I have been to your concert before. I had not, however, been to your concert with Slash. Because he would be there in addition to you, I purchased a ticket. Had I known he would not be there, I would not have bought a ticket.

I feel misled and cheated, and I know others do too. I hope it doesn't take a lawsuit against the concert company to avoid this practice in the future.

Rock on,


I wonder why the word "LAWSUIT" is forever posted on Ozzy's site. YOU CAN'T BE MUCH OF A FAN.

I can't believe this. Sarah, one minute youre threatening lawsuits then youre admitting you turned up late and missed the warm up act and threatened to sue Ozzy for lying to you. Did you think Slash was gonna be in Ozzy's band?

In case anyone happens upon this, and I hope no one does, I did not do my research prior to writing this... and although I did not see Slash, EVERYONE ELSE DID! He was the opening act, and apparently it was awesome, and I am an idiot. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP......... Sorry sorry sorry sorrrrrry

Are you for real?