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Why ozzy fan


Ozzy has rocked before I saw him at Cobo Arena in 1971, when I was 17; and continues as of February 12, 2011 at the Palace...and he is still f**kng going like a Every Ready battery!!! I will love the Ozzman forever!!! Yeah!!!

I'm a fan because Ozzy rocks.

If he didn't? I'd move on.

He does.

Always has.


I love his dimples. And have just always loved the man. Since forever.

this new album is great, i miss zakk, but oh well... im going through a rough time..(no job, marrage, wha,wha,wha,..) but i have the music.. thank you ozzy your music.. i love you man...spk

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...after seeing Ozzy it opened up my eyes. He took a minute to pause and talked about an 4 year old fighting the battle of cancer. I have so many family right now and some of my friends kids are sick with cancer and they probably might not make the battle but not being a religious man i still pray because there seems that there is nothing else i can do. I kept my band together and with me being down ... well we were falling apart. Listening to the concert on valentines day gave me hope again in life with music... i realized that i need to play .. and with any money i make will go to families with cancer in the quad cities. I hope some day to rock the stage like Ozzy but even if i can make one family smile by helping them out .. .i will try. Ozzy you f'ing rock..... You still can rock the stage

One of my goals life is to obviously play on a stage in front of many but one of my dreams besides rocking a stage would be to meet ozzy.....