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No longer a fan!!!!!!!!!

I love his music and have for years. But I am no longer a fan. And it is because of his wife's views. I am done


We are ALL different, with different points of view. How do I know I like you or your partner? It realy is irrelevant, as if I like one, I might just tolerate the other, or Imight like both of you. What I hate and HATE is a strong word, about people, is that people who are false. They give the appearance of being totally moralistic, driding others for lack of morals, and then blows you out when you take the moralistic stand.

Then again, "there is none as strange as folk", so the saying goes

I have learnt to live life, and not worry about the idiots out there, and let's face it there are countless idiots out there. Most of them appear to be inbreds, or is that just my point of view!

Come back to Ozzy, and forget Sharons views, or you may well be deemed a child in the school yard looking for friends 2 You can not be my friend, if you are friends with them over there" NOW, I think that we all know folk like that! I like to think that I give someone 3 chances, and after that Sorry I am not interested. I do this despite friends giving me advise to the contary, as I REALLY DO like to think the best of Folk!

Ozzy's Music...Hmmm, Sharon's opinions...Hmmmm.
Sorry, I don't see the relevance.

Honestly, I don't know how long you have been a fan, umm, but,
maybe look beyond the words you hear, perhaps, or do some research on
how Sharon played a huge role in Ozzy's resurection after Sabbath.

My personal opions have no relevance or meaning to you, but,
if you love Ozzy's music, umm, a little thanks to Sharon might be more

I know you didn't ask my opinion of Sharon, so I won't share with you
how much I love Sharon.

Also, if you love Ozzy's music, are you really sure you do?
Listen to the lyrics. And look beyond the words. Look for the
true meanings of the songs.

Just a suggestion. No offence. You are entitled to your opinion, I hope your
new choice of music you love makes you happy. Because, really, that's all that

Cheers, and all the best to ya.