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I first & foremost want to apologize to you, or anyone that I may have offended with my comments about <strong>“Tony Iommi”</strong>. lol

I want it understood that I share the same love for all of the original line up that made Black Sabbath & always will. I personally however was always drawn, or guilty of identifying with Ozzy more so than any other member of the band. I was always drawn to Ozzy’s vocals more so than the molted lava guitar licks of Tony Iommi. But we all know that it was the chemistry of all four of them together that made Sabbath a monolith in the music community.

Now for all you that admire Tony more so, or as much as Ozzy that’s way cool in my book, one mans Ozzy is another mans Tony Iommi. So I understand this and completely identify with your admiration of the great Tony Iommi. I would never in a million years take anything away from Iommi, he was, & still is one of Rocks most cherished guitarists, & his legacy still lives on today an can be heard in every modern metal band, or contemporary rock artist of today!

Now with that out of the way I have to say just because I love a particular artist does not make me unbiased, or that I approve of everything they have done musically. For example this generations Sabbath I believe will be the band TOOL. I have been an avid fan of TOOL since their debut EP Opiate, all the way up to 10,000 days. But I have to say while 10,000 days is a decent effort on Tools part, in falls short of their past efforts by quit a lot. In my opinion it is simply lateralus part two, or sounds like its material that wasn’t good enough to make lateralus and was thrown on 10,000 days in the hope that it would get them by. When it comes to me & music, I am not just a guy who goes along with what is cool or acceptable for a artist at the time, nor will I buy or support an effort from a artist simply because their name carries weight in the music community. I judge an artists work fairly, & even when it down right grieves me to do so, will say what needs to be said no matter how unpopular it may make me at the time. I could go on for hours about what bands have failed to live up to their own hype, & what ones are still giving a 100% with every new release. So I wont bore you with all that, instead I will close by saying I love Sabbath, and with that I mean all of four of them. But I am not blind, nor dumb to the fact that all four of them have made some bone head decisions in the past, & when the truth be known I am sure any one of the four when asked will be the first to say that indeed they have dropped the ball a few times in the past. That is what makes these guys so awesome, that after all these years they are still humble, & keep it real. After all who needs another egotistical Gene Simmons in the world, I think one is far, far enough, do we all agree? lol

Remember the Sabbath, & forever keep it BLACK!

(For now my friends I will go edit my incorrect spelling of Tony's first & last name in my previous post, mostly because I am entirely ashamed I did so in the first place, & he deserves that at the very, very least, or so I think. lol)

Peace all!

Scapegoat :)