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Disappointed with the upcoming box set...re Diary Of...

I am a Randy Rhoads fan and find it hard to believe that you would not release the unfaded versions of Tonight and You Can't Kill Rock and Roll on the upcoming DOAM re-issue. There is precious little of Randy and we as fans, should hear it....it was listed on the original press release...but now, it seems that they ares not going to be released...a sad day indeed. Give us fans what we want!

We have to spend so much money to get the DVD....and one would think that we would get the unfaded classics of those two songs in all their glory......for $150.00 you would think we would....!!!


I fully agree with Lambchops... do not keep these gems hidden! They deserve to be heard and enjoyed by all!! A big reason why many will buy this box set is because of previously unreleased Randy material... do the right thing. God Bless all.

I drove almost an hour to get my copy (wanted it the day it was released).

I was so happy to hear tracks of Ozzy with Randy that I never heard before.

A few things I'm disappointed about with the Box Set:

1. Fades on all of the songs (losing the opportunity for even 30 seconds more of Randy)
2. No remixes - just remastered original recordings
3. Not a very long live CD (only 2 songs from Diary of a Madman)

A few things I am interested in as a fan of Randy Rhoads:

1. The entire Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman with Randy Rhoads guitar parts alone (just like the DVD showed Ozzy in the studio listening to them).

2. More live footage with Randy Rhoads. The DVD was mostly what was aired on VH1 Classic (but uncensored).

Overall, thrilled to see and hear ANYTHING new of Randy Rhoads. I'm also happy to pay the money to help support the Ozzy tribe. I just wish I didn't feel ripped off.


Maybe its not up to Ozzy. The rereleases and all are pressed by the label. Its often the studio's contention that talent should feel lucky to be paid or released at all. =/ Sad but true. The only way you'd see something like this released is probably if they slipped that permission into the fine print of a re-negotiated contract offer somewhere. ^.^

Good point Whipper....

What's going to be on the dvd?

I'm with Lambchops.

It's absolutely criminal that minutes worth of those faded solos are just rotting away in a vault somewhere, unheard by all, and will continue to rot away!!!!!!!!!

I agree 100% with Lambchops.

I'm with Lambchops on this...

and I'm sure it's all about money, as usual (I'm looking at you, $haron)...

I can see it now... a year from now, a new re-issue of this re-issue with BONUS MATERIAL...!

rock on \m/

Also, many fans forget that Ozzy and Randy were only managed by Sharon. Her father Don financed everything initially. When the Osbournes later got hitched and broke away, they pretty much started off with nothing. We know that the masters were tampered with when the 2002 rereleases came out but nobody thought amongst their camp that The Osbournes on MTV was going to be a big *monster* hit. Especially six months after it was originally supposed to air in September, 2001. Who knows, in those months after 9/11, what sacrifices were made just to keep their heads above water. They were said to have been nearly losing everything. I don't even think the house Christina Aguilera is selling was paid off.

Well I know I won't be buying it! What's the point?? Put them on & I guarantee you I'll be first on line to make the purchase!! We have all tried to imagine where those fades would have gone if there were only a few more seconds, I personally always thought that those songs should have gone on forever. Every time I listen to those tracks I crank the volume & try to squeeze out another second. Please for the love of god, put these few extra seconds on this CD!!!!

I am not just a fan... as a Friend of Randy's I would have to agree 100% with Lc... the fan's as well as myself don't have enough of his music at hand, if gone through all the work to release this why not do it the Right way. Respect him & do him Right!

Both Randy Rhoads and his fans deserve better, I'm not getting milked €150 for +/- 2 CD's and 2 LP's that I already have.

€150 is a bit much for something that will end up a torrent site in a few days after the release.. and both original albums are already up there. I'm not implying we shouldn't buy it, every fan wants the DVD in his/her own hands, but not for this price.. I'd happily pay €150 for stuff I do not already have, so please, include the extras again!


Tonight and You Can't Kill Rock and Roll extended versions should be in this box set. why not right? ozzy, dont you want randy to still continue to teach and amaze people? you have the power to do that with your archive of these songs! also you need to put you said it all on this box set aswell..

Given that Randy's family are so tight fisted with every image of Randy, historically everything about him has been in the hands of the few - so how do you know this is Ozzy and Sharon doing the holding back? And, if there really is one of his close acquaintances posting here, how can you say that about Sharon when Randy's own family has been so tight fisted, so much as to remove all video of him that ever gets posted on the internet?

W.W.R.D. ???
...what would Randy do?

why not give your loyalist of fans what they want for all the love and support they've given you in this life?
it is we that were there in the trenches with you and Randy after Sabbath.
May 23, 1981 - Blizzard of Ozz was my first concert.

why not share all the magic?


i'm a ozzy collector and i didn't know that exist different version of tonight and you can't kill rock'n roll? is it the same for s.a.t.o and maybe diary songs? pretty bad they don't put you said it all! i'm gonna buy the box set but i'm dissapointed a bit about the material, guess what like a other fan says, in 1 year they gonna release a another reissue from this actual reissue with bonus songs??? i never been a huge fan of sharon, it's my opinion! martin.

I agree 100% with Lambchops.

I agree 100% with Lambchops.