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I agree so totally with you Ozzy. A new album would be killer.

But you know something? I feel like I'm fifteen all over again watching you take the s*** for this band. With Geezer and what he's said about you in the press (comparing you to RJD and egging on the hatred on websites with the fringe elements) and about the lack of possibility for a new album. Fast forward to hearing the people who read his sh!t then go onto Blabbermouth and those sites and post their constant hatred on >>every single Ozzy article<<. I'M SICK TO DEATH OF THE LOT OF THEM!

I don't think I've ever gotten over the disbanding of Black Sabbath. How epic the tolling bell of Black Sabbath was, NOTHING ON THIS FR!CK!NG planet has EVER come close to what you guys did on that song. Or on the myriad of other greats that were written. I mean really, Children of the Grave? Snowblind? Fairies Wear Boots? Hand of Doom? Sabbath Bloody Sabbath? Iron Man? The list is long and goes on and on.


Gosh I can't even talk about this without crying inside. And soon after outside. You know? It's been thirty two freaking years and I still get all choked up thinking about you guys and what happened to end the legend that you all were.

Never have you written and played NEW STUFF, not with the four of you. Bill HAS to be on the album Ozzy. His switches are MAGIC. They are 100% as important as Iommi's killer riffs and Geezers energetic and awesome bass. Without those you get...Psycho Man, and Scary Dreams. No offense, great lyrics (loved them!) and riffs, but the drums were missing! Geezers bass was missing!

It's THE SUM OF THE FOUR THAT IS MAGIC. Without any part of it it's not the same, no matter what. It needs the special dash each of you bring into it.

You know, if you guys never toured except to put on like 8 big US shows (one in each quadrant of the US, north and south), and a show in select countries, that would be fine.

TAKE THREE FRICKING YEARS WE'D NOT CARE!!! One show every 3 weeks = 17 shows in a year. Or two shows in a week with a month between = 20 shows in a year.

OMG, I think if you guys did it? I would beg, borrow and steal to see as many of those fr!cking shows as I could afford.

I love you Ozzy Osbourne. I always have. 35 years and counting. Where you go I'm in. If you go to Sabbath, I'm there. If you don't? I'm in. And so are millions of other fans. You're Ozzy for Gods sake. The guy with the dimples and peace signs, the average joe who miraculously turned a corner and found yourself up on stage, a super star, with all of us in your pocket rocking the F#CK out saying "YEA BABY, YOU MADE IT!"

You make some COOOOOL music Ozzy. Always. I miss the different sound you had with Sabbath. I got you in San Bernadino - you are a F#CKING MASTER - you know EXACTLY how to project your voice out through the air and grab us by the guts dead center. So, what you did then is still in there. I just don't see that much in the Ozzy stuff. Maybe it's the whole thing, I don't know!!!

GOD I miss those days of freedom, hand in my pocket, flashing peace signs with my friends, hanging at the park under the trees with cars in a row, Sabbath blasting from the box. Drinking a beer after school, doing a doobie (you remember, the kind we used to have a long time ago, that would give you a mild euphoric buzz, not the fricking pre-LSD altered state you get from modern weed). DAMN! You guys were our idols. Because WE ALL LOOKED JUST LIKE YOU! Long hair, bell bottoms, peace signs, all. You gave us a voice when all there used to be was jocks and bad boys. In between you found us, the cool people, the nice friends who cared and stuck together through thick or thin because life dealt many of us a bad set of cards. You know!?

Sigh. Black Sabbath will always live in my heart as the most beloved band in it's genre. I can't say Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd meant less, nor did Yes. But you guys were, in the genre of doom/fright rock in a league of your own. <3

LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER, Sheila (aka Darkblade)


Well said my friend!!! Ozzy with Sabbath again would be the ultimate!!! Even if it's just to make a studio album together, it would be bloody epic!!!! God Bless you Ozzy!!! I love you more than life itself!!!!!!
Love and Kisses,
From one 'Ozzy' to another,