OZZY PLEASE TOUR AUSTRALIA SOON | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site


Wow you guys overseas get all the good music i know ozzy has come to Oz b4 but i dont think he has been to Western Australia it would be great to see him live Melbourne and Sydney are so far away i know if he came here it would sell out!!!!!


It would be nice to see him come to his HOME TOWN, and I guess that I might just buy 3 tickets! There is a little education to done here! Then there is buying one of every T shirt, Programs, patches etc! Will I need a mortgage?

SO let the Prince of Darkness, visit ALL the world!

I've been asking for a couple Aussie's on FB and on Twitter and here. They want to see him too, and worry very much he'll not stop in there to see them on this tour.

Keep asking. They are, I am for you all, and if you do, who knows! =0). Hope those dreams come true!