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Well, I'm still alive!

Anybody else hear the world was supposed to end today? I knew since I heard it it was total horses***, especially coming from a guy who predicted the world would end in 1994. Besides, no one will know the day or the hour except God, sooo...


I suppose this guy was well meaning. It increased his following, and made him some more money. Is that not what these Tv evangelists do for a living?
I believe that the bible is a history. HOWEVER, most histories are written by the victor, BUT this was complied when they were winning, and when they were loosing. There is a lot of riddles, alagorical items, and parables, ALL hiding the TRUE message. This meeasge was intiially for the initiates. Just like you using TXT where by you abrieviate and remove letters. That is what most of it is saying, between the moral bits and pieces. Then in the time of Jesus, it was mangled/bastdized to suit a different agenda. So the true meaning has been hidden from view for 2 millenia. As some one put it christianity today is REALLY CHURCHIANITY! So consider ALL the variations of christianity!
The ancient Maya wrote that the earth had been destroyed by fire and ice. I can not remember what is coming next in their predictions. Correct me if I am wrong but i think that we have beed destroyed by ice 5 times, and fire 4 times. So we have the ice caps melting, which indicated technically we are still an iceage!
Look at the increase in Vulcano's, earth quakes, and it is part of the earths natural cycle. The earths tectonic plates are always moving.
We do really need to replant the rain forests, as they ARE the lungs of the earth!
So it is up to us ALL to play our part!