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Blizzard and Diary

Trully awesome albums that were ahead of their time and still timeless. You can spot in the Quiet Riot stuff some of Randy's embryonic riffs or music parts that went on to become Suicide Solution, Goodbye to Romance, Dee and Revelation Mother Earth. Lyrically Bob Daisley is bang on the money (or lack of it) in writting these 2 gems. It's appalling how Ozzy and Sharon have treated him and Lee Kerslake and tried to dismiss their input. Ozzy can't have believed his luck in taking credit for these albums. After the shambles of removing them from the previous remasters it's glad to see their original parts back. If Ozzy ever wants to make a great album again maybe he should think about working with Bob Daisley.


Wow his site sucks, it keeps f***in up and skipping around; kinda like the ozz himself. but wanted to remark about the comment the guy from finland made about the Blizzard and Diary albums- right on man. it just so happens i was listening to irock streaming and at first i was happy to see that crazy train was queued. but then i heard something I've never heard before on this song: the bass track sounded like a wiped ass and the drums were all goofy. Man, i grew up on this and by trying to dis your fans and listeners by releasing this kind of crap is not only a disgrace to Daisley and Kerslake but to all the fans who believed in your musical wizardry way back wehn. the originals are the best, you never should have put Sarzo (or whoever's) s*** bas lines over them, it's really s***. god what were you on when you made that decision? and if that's tommy aldrich who s***ted on the drum track then shame on him for f***ing it up as well.

Sorry just neede to vent that.
I see too much good music torn to s***. Take ZZ Top's re-releasing their first 5 albums on CD with plastic drumming!, the biggest fiasco there ever was. But, Ozzy, this comes damn close!!!
Rockn Rolla brotha

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