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Randy Rhoads Archivce

For many years, I have searched for everything Randy Rhoads has ever recorded (official releases, bootleg concerts, lessons/seminars, interviews, etc).

My Randy Rhoads WISH LIST:

1. Release songs without any fades - just let the tracks end as they do on the master recordings

2. Release songs without any other instruments or vocals - just Randy Rhoads guitar tracks.

3. Release solos separately without any rhythm guitar or backing instruments

4. Release all live recordings to the public (at least the guitar solos if the vocals have issues).

5. Release studio version of "You Said It All"

6. Release all out-takes of Randy (including jams after the song as shown in the new DVD)

I think most of the Ozzy tribe and Randy Rhoads fanatics would pay A LOT of money for these items.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Thank you for any feedback, suggestions, ideas and most of all, consideration for these items.



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