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I m a brazilian 15 y o guy , ahuge fan of you work sinc Black Sabbath .
I had ah idea , hoping you read it.
O was heaning Let me hear you screan , and thought you downing slowly ya . Ffloating before the music starts ( the guitar solo before ) . Floating over the people . Your Clothing must be totally white .
When you reach the end of the stadium ( apposite of the stage ) , a kind of explosion ocuers , your vest becomes dark end you are pulled back to the stage , whith a lot of smoke going out fron there , covering all the stage . A projection be hind the stage , ou the smoke shows your face screaming .
Its I said , you float back to stage through your mouth`s projection.
when the clhoir begins fireworks surges from your back and behind the drummer .
It air flow pushes the fire to the front.
Actually It would be better ifdtele this idea personally to you.
I hope meeting your , I hope you are crazy cnough to deal with , so please come to brazil and we`ll meet and change some ideas.
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