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Jethro Tull, Comerica Theatre, Phoenix 06-10-11

Wow. When I heard they were coming, of course I had to go. I remember how I saw Ian Anderson the first time, when I was 16. By accident, because a friend wanted me to go. Frankly, after seeing his performance, a standard was set so high against which very few bands could measure up to, especially in todays oversaturated, talentless commercialized/studio-fabricated 1 hit band world.

His set was nothing but his classics. Watching him and looking around me I couldn't fail to see one of the most profound things that later made me cry actually. And that was the aging of the man, of his band, and of the crowd. I think the average age in the place had to be over 50. Freaky.


One thing that just made this womans heart sing was the honor the entire place gave to this man and his fellow musicians. They walked onstage and THE ENTIRE STADIUM stood and gave them an ovation. Not one note came out prior. NOW THAT, my friends, IS THE REAL MCCOY. That is something we can give back to a man who has given each of us so much. It just made me so happy to know that kind of love and loyalty was in the hearts all around me. You don't get that in a bunch of 20 year olds, unfortunately. There just isn't that history to have that kind of reaction.

Bouree just floored me. All I could think of was when I was 14 and this guy who was in a grade past me in high school who was training to be a pro photographer asked me to sit in the football field grass in my peasant skirt and blouse so he could take pix. I mean, I was right back in those days when I used to weave flowers in my hair, flash the peace sign (from Ozzy of course, who I idolized), and lived and hung with my bohemian freak girlfriends. Ah ah ah.

There was this bittersweet element to hearing him play again. Mostly because it brought so many of the memories from the past up, from a time when the world was wide open, the book unwritten on, possibilities were limitless, youth was mine and so was the beauty which was at it's very beginning for me as a woman. Wow. To reflect on all those dreams and things I thought life would be, contain, and how it turned out. In some ways all that I worked for, in others far short of what I'd hoped.

A very fun time. Yea, his voice is shot on many of his songs. But those filling the stadium could have given a rats @ss about that. His flute, his guitar, his songs, his presence, that was what everyone wanted him to know was beloved. It was so cool.

Really glad I decided to go. =0).


...A couple of my fav songs...

<a href="">Bouree:</a>

<a href="">My God:</a> (what a f***ing fantastic masterpiece this video is, this was the man who blew me away all those years ago. he was UNREAL!)

<a href="">Hymn 43:</a>