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Re: Diary of a Madman/Blizzard of Ozz 30th Anniversa...

I am really disappointed by this over-priced release.

First, it's overpriced. Basically they force us to pay $150.00 US for the DVD (which will probably be released later to capitalize on even more profits [at the expense of Daisley and Kerslake]).

The newly released footage is great, overpriced but great!

Second, Sharon does her best to keep Daisley and Kerslake chopped out of the pictures. Take a look at Daisley's website The Blizzard of Ozz pictures on his site rock and would have made the book so much better!!! It was a band that created these two classic albums, greed has gotten in the way of recognizing that fact.

Three, there is not much bonus material at all. The live concert is great but you get it with the remastered “Diary.” So in essence you get one tune as bonus material (the solo and vocal/guitar arrangement cannot be considered complete tunes). From what I understand, Bob Daisley has all kinds of recordings from the “Blizzard/Diary” sessions. If he and Kerslake would have been consulted (and paid, I hope) the release could have been 5-star.

In summary, let your friend by the box set and watch his/her DVD (even the documentary does not feature 2 of the 4 key players [minus Rhoads of course]). Disappointing for such an awaited release…