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I am the quintessential Black Sabbath fan Ozzy. And if the time is split between your bands with the outcome of two brand spanking new albums, I'd be in HEAVEN.

But in any case, rather then worry about BS, can you please set these men you have with you today free to write and create with you in the studio?

Also, most of the time that you give credits on Scream you discuss you and Kevin Churko, overlooking Adam's contributions to the songwriting process. I am sure that is disappointing to him, though he doesn't ever say anything to that effect. I had no idea he wrote any of the stuff because all you credit is Churko. Adams very talented Ozzy. He's sexy as all hell, and is talented beyond measure. So are Tommy, and Blasko, and Gus.

Can you experience life within a band again Ozzy? Not as the solo "Ozzy," but as the singer of a band? I really would love to feel that again JMO. And it would be just as powerful with these men who clearly give HEART AND SOUL to you in their lives rather then pursuing music in other bands. The honor that is so clear given their perfection playing the classics is undeniable.