Don't you love it that Jacks movie has been seen by billions of NON-Ozzy fans, and his fans haven't seen it yet? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Don't you love it that Jacks movie has been seen by ...

How ironic.

The POD is all about his fans, but his son makes a movie and it's all about the eclectic hob-snobs who this is not even a blip on the radar to. Wow. Guess the objective was not to make a movie for fans, but rather to make his directorial debut.

I think it sux the ROYAL PUD that he's not allowed fans to see the movie, or purchase it.

It's been out there a long time now. What do fans hear? JACK $H!T.


Ozzy's priority, as its should, is to see his offspring succeed...The man has spent more time dedicated to his fans than any other celebrity...EVER. If you were a true fan, then you would quit being so selfish and remain greatful that he is still rocking with all of his soul. I wish him and his family the very best...

I don't give a rats behind what you think Malo/Bayd. I stand by my opinion. It is a slight to Ozzy fans.

Maybe sometime we can meet for family therapy and get to the bottom of your deep resentment towards me which is so obvious in your posts. You both are extremely hostile ALL THE TIME.

Really am getting sick of this.

And Ozzy4Eternity, I run a fanclub for Ozzy. I have loved him since 1975/6 when he was with Sabbath. This is not a question of being ungrateful, or not a 'real fan.'

it is a question of the ridiculous amount of time that has elapsed - there was a HUGE buildup about the movie stringing fans along - and then months later we still have no access to the film.

I suspect that there is hostility from the Bayd because of a simple thing. He was a member of the Ozzy!!!! page on Facebook, posting random things repeatedly on the site, and was asked several times to please stop. When that didn't solve the issue, and person to person arguments began - he was warned membership would be cut. I did not act rash, I gave long and very fair warning. Also, I kicked off another member from Canada for posting illegal download material on the site. I don't want to condone criminal activity, and I do believe Ozzy and Sony have the right to royalties for anything fans have access to if they took the time and money to produce it.

It was ironic how shortly after Bayd came here and began to post nasty grams on my threads. Whatever. I have been a member here for a long time now. I could care less what he thinks.

Malo may see life dramatically at 16, I see it pretty cut and dry. Fans were strung along for a long time. Now, we're left with no access to the movie - and yet, like I said, thousands of "Hollywood elite" have had the opportunity to see the movie.

It's just not right.


Thank you Jack, Ozzy, Sharon. Everyone is very excited, and tickets are already bought! =0). This was the best news I've heard since Ozzy was coming to play in town.

<3 Several fans from Arizona are getting together in Phoenix at the Mesa theatre. We're all so excited!


ok bro,
if this were to be a battle ? ,
i think, now i say, i think, we could probably declare victory on this, um, one, but, if it'd be one of those types, knowing these types (no offense intended to anyone),
the war would probably be far from over?.
hang in there eh, i think we could survive this, if this were the situation.
anyways, i can't wait for this film to come out on bluetooth so
i can convert it to my blank "Beta" tapes is still have, because
i'm still on "Beta".
i'm so excited.
i checked, and the film isn't going to be shown in theatres up here
in the arctic. oh well, can't always get what we want eh?
cheers bro (Malo)!
p.s. keep on LOL'ing in the free world, while it's still free.

wow, this is an interesting post.
well, i just wanted to add, that this movie isn't being shown
in kingston either, because all our igloo's have melted.
no more theatres. thank Mother Earth for inventing the canoe.
how's things holding up in the "Big Smoke"?

This is a very interesting thread indeed. Really shows how little oversight that goes on here, that's for sure. Not to mention the immaturity levels some sink to. Hard to believe that a man as beloved as Ozzy has a website so clearly overrun with this kind of garbage.

And Johnny, a battle, really? Grow up.

I simply state the facts. It was good that the movie is finally going to be made available to fans. And yes, to optimize profits surely to make up the cost of production is good. There is no issue if we have to pay to buy the movie, many of Ozzy's fans just want access to it. I know people who attended showings who could care less about Ozzy other than it was a novelty to see the movie and a place to be seen.

In any case...Johnny is being very antisocial altogether with this thread and should be removed from this site too for harassment. He would if they actually had a full-time or even anytime moderator or webmaster. The personal attacks are unfounded and not cool. It not only offends, it turns off other fans who might come here to share their love for Ozzy.

thank you malo2 for echoing my thoughts about darkblade's recent
rants that appear to be very anti-Ozzy.
as far as this movie goes, um, yes i have never heard of this until
darkblade brought it up.
anyhow, thank you malo2, i agree, i think it's time darkblade
takes a breather from her bellowing about how darkblade wants
Ozzy to live his life et al.
Cheers malo2,
Long Live OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok,um, i just read another post from darkblade today. lol,
ok now you want me removed from this website?
well, wouldn't that just end my life eh?
um, lol, please, i'm sure you have a full record of all of my posts, and if you feel i am driving fans away from this site, then beleieve me, you wouldn't have to kick me out, all you would have to do is "ask" me to leave and never come back, i would oblige with respect and understanding that my view points are obviously to radical for this website. i love Ozzy that much, that i would sacrifice myself for the sake of the survival of OZZYNATION.
so, please, let me know.
and as for madam darkblade, i would have suggest the same be done with your posts and the same judgement should be made of your comments etc.
that would only be fair, i think.
however, i don't think anyone should be kicked out of their favourite muscians website because of "words".
i guess we've come to the point in history where the language and behaviour police are enforcing things to the full extent of the, um, laws?
well roll with the punches i say!

ok, i'm sorry,
if you are able to find this response to this post amongst
that scattered entries by unorganized datelines,
um, i have to say a couple of things if you are able to find this,
if not, oh well.

1) mrs.darklbale: i have a sneaky suspicion that "you" are
a "rival provocateur". probably from "maiden" or someone like that.
i have read several of your posts bashing Ozzy, and several responses bashing his fans.
i also noted you are promoting websites other than ""
for all of us to go, and you talk about "your" own website.????
what say you mrs.darkbale?
2) malo2 and jonny_blayd are bang on.
3) i posted a "post" or response to howie and sharon (i think it was that post anyways) and i typed in one of the contestants names and i got *'d !!??
i bet you if i say "i went to the zoo last week and saw the ,most beautiful Peac**k" that they will probably put *'s in that word to.

so in summation, i know a tonne of Ozzy fans who never come to this website. now i know why. i am new here, and i am leaving.
this is stupid, and i'm sure someone will mark this response as "offensive"
that's cool by me. in my country we don't have to live under these stupid censorship laws.

anyways good bye and farewell to the witch.

Sorry Ozzy, not yer fault.

i did not put those ******'s in Peac**k and it's a type of bird.
can't imagine what would happen if i typed some other words that were'nt swear words.
this is oh, dumb to say the least.
ciao babies, i won't be back.
boo hoo eh?

i concur with robotman,
sorry Ozzy, not yer fault but, i'm not having much fun here, so
i think i'm gonna say Cheerio to y'all.
i agree 1000% with robotman, and that's about all i have to say.
later dudes and dudettes.
this is not what i expected when i thought i would join this website and become a member etc.
i don't think i need to be a member to pop in and check news and tour dates.
i'll just stay away from the fans section
ciao babies, i won't be back either.
have fun Madam Darkblade, you have the floor.

I'm not angry in any fashion towards you f_darkbladeus it's just you do seem to complain quite a bit towards these types of things. Wouldn't you rather see the movie in thetres instead of ordering it online first? I wouldn't. I want as much exposure to this film as possible so everyone will see it. Think of it as another accomplishment for the Ozzman once it does come out. Again patience friend.

um, perhaps some cheese with that wine, madam blade?
um, since it would appear that madam blade seems to
be under the assumption that, um, is intended
to promote Ozzy's entire family, um, er, why don't you set
up an Osbourne's fan club eh?
I don't see much goin' on on this site in regards to the great
successes of Sharon, or Kelly.
What say you Madam darkblade?
um, don't forget, um,... this site is for all to visit and, um...
well why don't you please explain for, um..
conducting proper posts and responses.??
also, why would you have someone kicked off OZZY's web site??
does "Freedom of Speech" exist in your country?
um, how about, um... oh i know, "Freedom of Expression".
just wondering. so anyways when is this movie about Jack going
to be released outside of your country? haven't seen anything on this so far in my country. waiting anxiously though.
anyhow, tata. ;-)

um, darkblade,
i have read your comments on this a couple of times now.
it is quite clear that you seem to run an ozzy fan club,
that's great.
are you the moderator for this site too?
you comment on peoples ages,opinions etc all the time.
are you the "almighty" ?
who cares if you run an ozzy website.
i just have one simple question for you darkbalde...
actually, i'll give ya 3 guesses as to what my question for you is.
if you can't guess the question after 3 tries, i will ask u myself.
also, who is "bayd"?

Thanks Johny exactly what I think. I like how Darkblade thinks she better than everbody and doesn't take any criticism at all. Were all equal here and in this case we were right again. How about a SORRY MALO for acting like jerk. How about SORRY JOHNY BLADE. Nah we'll never hear. Well I'm glad the men are the reasonable thinkers once again. Have a fun time at the movies Blade. It's not like it wouldn't have taken time to get that far. You want to give them credit now instead of complaining?

lol !!
thanks Malo!

Kind of sick of you complaining about Ozzy lately, at least he's still around touring. Who cares if he doesn't play many new songs? Ozzy can play whatever he wants. Anyway about the new movie, last time I talked with Jack he was talking with major companies trying to get the film into theaters. Just wait, it's not like we haven't had to wait for Ozzy things to come out before.

ho robotman,
i assume yer talking to me re: "The Big Smoke" cause that's one of T.O.'s nicknames,
um, lol,
yeah, all are igloos disappeared in april. it was weird.
right now it's like mini lakes under our feet 'cause all the ice's top layer has melted.
yer right, good thing for the canoes.
yeah, everything has melted here too.
no theatres, libraries , sweat lodges, even our hockey rinks are all gone.
anyways, they're even saying we might not need snow shoes this winter either, and because there might not be enough ice, the government is considering waiving our fishing licence fees this winter because it will be deemed to unsafe.
so i guess is could be a free willy fishing season this winter if ya look on the bright side of things eh?.
oh, i forgot to mention, even all the Polar Bears are coming in from the tundra into our villages and, well, you what that can be like eh?
anyways, i think it might have something to do with this "Heat Dome" they say we're until probably January.
cheers bro!

um, darkblade, lol, um, i didn't say this was a battle,
if you re-read the post, um, lol, i think, it clearly says, "if" this were a battle.
dat otay wit you?