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I don't think that there is anything "nostalgic" about this tour. Nostalgia is Leonard Cohen playing 2 shows in as many years and charging HUNDREDS of DOLLARS face value for even the crappiest seat.

He embarked on a BRUTAL 18 month non-stop WORLD tour !! Going to places like Budapest, Brazil, Poland, Africa, Hungary,all over Europe, Peru, the whole USA, and dozens and dozens of other places that nobody ever goes to. I don't know if you've ever been away from home for an extended period of time (Granted he stays in the best hotels,million dollar tour buses, flies first class or a private jets), but no matter how good the conditions are on the road, but lets face it, its always nice to YOUR HOME. It probably isn't nearly as the luxury hotel you just spent the last week living it up in....but it is always nice to come home to your space, your bed, etc... and lets be realistic here, being a Rockstar looks and I'm sure it can be a lot of fun, but its also WORK. They don't sit in cubicles, or spend all day on the phone, or weld steel or any of a million jobs you could have. But it is a JOB for them. It's GOING to WORK. Granted, it beats running a jackhammer all day, but is still what they do to make a living for themselves and their families.

Currently aged 62, I feel privileged to still be able to see not only my all time favorite musician, never mind that he is an ICON. As for his set list it does change from night to night. There are always the classics and his Sabbath tunes, but it is not at all unusual for a band of any significance to only touch on one or two of their newest material. Its great s***. SCREAM is a fantastic album, I think the tunes on it are great and really great. But think about it if he was to hit the stage and out a possible 13-15 tunes, he chose to perform 4 or 5 of his newest stuff, a lot of people would be pissed and disappointed and probably not all that familiar with the newer material.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get to attend 3 of OZZY'S shows. He rocked out in NYC at Madison Square Garden, and the sold out crowd was really pumped up and excited to witness the OZ. Then thanks to an old friend, I was given a seat in a VIP SKYBOX at his show in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. And Incidentally he performed "SOUL SUCKER" & "LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM" And last but not least, I made the 6000 mile trek down to Rio de Janeiro to meet up with a friend who is a Mgr. at the venue, who was able to secure BACKSTAGE PASSES. It was an incredible time. Got to meet the band, had the honor of getting a couple of minutes to bulls*** with OZZY himself. He truly is a super nice, genuine guy. And he still looks like he's having fun up there. A lot of musicians just look like they are just going thru the motions.

And last but not least.....I have a little known secret for you....(OZZY HAS A TELEPROMPTER WITH THE WORDS TO EVERY SINGLE SONG RIGHT AT HIS FEET). So now you know.