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Too much of the past. Ozzy has dropped the one Scream song played live. I would love to see video of that other Scream song. I've followed his tour, to my recollection it didn't happen.

I totally disagree with your summary of his fans not receiving the Scream album well, nor his current songs. TOTALLY.

Consider the men on stage with him. They're fantastic. The band should write and play the new songs live. That they do so much of the past to the exclusion of present is a waste of incredible talent. Were they with any other band that wouldn't be the case. That is the reason it's come to be said in the press that Ozzy's become "nostalgic."

Not just in his current band but in Sabbath too. Fans (and they are real ones) say "enough of the Paranoid, Iron Man, War Pigs, wouldn't it be killer to write some NEW music and PLAY IT LIVE too?" Many believe that Ozzy has the pipes and stage presence again now that he's sober, but his setlist with them would also be canned. The past is great, but what about laying it down as masters TODAY, showing what real stuff is TODAY?

In both cases there is the criticism that he's not engaging in REAL TIME with a band anymore.

I love the man very much. Beyond reason. And its not a newsflash on the teleprompter. But I have to say maybe there is room for some stretching on his part. He has his band learn every single song from his repertoire, but then never plays them. He wrote a killer album, but doesn't perform it live.

Maybe if he does work with these guys on a new album, he'll actually perform most of it live this time.

Just sayin.