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Besides. How can it be 'The Scream' tour when he doesn't even play the album? That's a bit of a deceptive name for the tour.

I think all his new fans who have come to love him in recent years, 'Down to Earth,' 'Black Rain,' 'Scream,' they deserve to hear what led them to Ozzy. His fans are FLUID ... he continues to capture the hearts of new generations. While the past is of course important, so too IS THE PRESENT!

Not to mention that many want to hear NEW STUFF PLAYED! I would not like it if Metallica wrote their newest album, then toured playing 'Ride the Lightning,' 'Master of Puppets,' and 'Kill 'Em All' hits. Hell no. They are CONTEMPORARY, and they tour promoting THEIR NEW TUNES (thank GOD!).

That's the defining line between 'Nostalgic' and 'Contemporary.' Most 'Nostalgic' bands focus on well known tunes from glory days, 'Contemporary' bands want to remain connected and viable to music afficionado's so they play RECENT tunes. Like one or two from the past, but not as their headlining songs (closing, never, for sure).